Man gets 120 years after taunting a judge

All murder/Homicide cases are not the same. If a kid kills a bully who has been harrassing him for years should he face the same fate as a gangbanger who kills 5 people in a drive by? Does a woman killing her husband who has abused her for years get the same treatment as a woman who poisons her husband just to collect an inheritence? While all of those situations results in the taking of a life and all those people should recieve a lengthy prison sentence, it's clear that not all of those people deserve life in jail or the death penalty.

And that's why each case is decided solely upon the evidence provided by the prosecution and the defense by an impartial jury. If they come back with a guilty verdict, that's one part of the trial over. The next is sentencing. Of course, the option is available for either side to accept a plea for a lesser charge

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