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Marvel film fights tournament: Round 1


Jun 24, 2005
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Over the next few weeks (hopefully) I will be posting this tournament.

There are 32 different fights/battles over 13 films even the new X-men 3 film.

Battles will be knocked out in the same way the world cup works.

4 battles will be up and the top 2 will progress. Just post for your 2 favourite battles out of the choices given.

Here is a description of each battle.

Punisher vs Saints men (killing the family).

This is the scene where Saints men arrive at Frank's family get together to kill them all.

The battle scene starts when they start shooting.
The battle scene ends when Franks family is killed.

Wolverine vs Sabertooth.

This is the scene where the two of them fight on the liberty statues head and ends when sabertooth is killed.

Spiderman vs Green Goblin (At festival)

This is the two's first encounter at the scene at the fun festival.

Blade vs Guards in HQ (Blade 2)

This is from the second blade movie. The battle begins when blade is weak then is thrown into a pool of blood. He then fights several soldiers.

The scene ends when he kills Reinhart.

My vote went to Spiderman vs Green Goblin (At festival) and Blade vs Guards in HQ.

The poll ends in 2 days.

Also I have 27 main battle scenes without xmen 3 however i dont think their will be 5 main battles so i want you to put these 3 battles in order of preference.

X-men vs toad (When Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey encounter toad in liberty statue and finally kills him).

Blade vs Vampires (From Blade 1 the battle where he fights alot of vampires just before he fights frost).

Spiderman vs Green Goblin (in the scene where he fights him in the buring house)

This is Depending on how many battles are in X3 then these battles will appear.

This is my order:

SM vs GG
Blade vs Vampires
X-Men vs Toad
Blade vs Vampire soldies at HQ
Punisher vs Saints men
I'll go for:

The Punisher vs Saints Men
& Blade vs Vampire soldiers at HQ
as well.

well so far its those two that are going through
Why the festival scene? Nothing's more satisfying than Spidey kicking Goblin, web him and pull him back with a follow up.

Wolverine's fights have been pretty tame though Hugh Jackman was pretty good.

Punisher gets my vote in this thread. His revenge was sweet indeed.

oh and i never saw any of the Blade movies past 1.

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