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Marvel War of Heroes.


May 18, 2003
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Anyone playing this card game on their smartphone?
I recommend it, collect cards and battle with them against other marvel fans with the app. The app is free btw.

If anyone signs up use this code: sba828719 to get the Rare Jean Grey card.
I will ofcourse also get one. :)
Oh one more helpful tip, once you get the Rare Jean Grey card post your referral code in this thread so that when someone else signs up for the game using your code you get an extra Jean Grey that you can fuse with your 1st one, becoming an even more powerful Jean Grey. That is also another cool part of the game, you get to fuse cards making them even more powerful. You also have the option to boost your top cards using lower ranking cards.
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I'm playing, send me a team member request. This game is awesome!
Wow, I used to play this back when it launched. Was in a top tier alliance, had a bunch of sweet cards. It was such a great time waster and a ton of fun. I ended up leaving the game and giving all my cards away after a dude in my alliance stole a high level UL card from me lol.

I'd also suggest trying out Marvel Future Fight, it's like a mobile Ultimate Alliance game from the PS2. It's also got great opportunities for free to play people like myself to earn the in game currency to unlock new heroes and other stuff.
Ror, there's a very helpful forum out there for the War of Heroes game, but I can't for the life of me remember it lol. I'm sure a google search will easily find a good one.

I'd recommend finding some type of forum community, because as a new player there's a lot of potential mistakes to be made, things like not fully leveling cards before combining and some other stuff I forget lol. Its been awhile.
You know he last posted around 2 years ago? :p

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