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Sep 26, 2007
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Due out in 2008...Toyfare magazine will be doing an issue featuring the line in January. Series 1 will consist of Claire, Elle, Nikki, and a few of the guys. If anyone can find any prototype pictures or anything it would be great!:woot:
Meh, I don't watch the show so I could care less.

Hellboy 2 figures though....

Hellboy 1 figures were some of the best figures I think I've ever seen made. So HB2 stuff should be on par if not better.
I might only be interested in the Screen Grabs.

But I dunno.....Heroes wasn't as great as I'd hoped.....without the Hype I never would have watched it.
heroes is so awesome. the comic minis are done by dc arnt they?
Meh, I don't watch the show so I could NOT care less.

Hellboy 2 figures though....

Hellboy 1 figures were some of the best figures I think I've ever seen made. So HB2 stuff should be on par if not better.
:cmad: :cmad: :cmad:
I am more pumped to see the new Alex Ross Line
Wow, they should just give real people action figure properties to NECA only from now on. Mezco did excellent on the Hellboy figures but they suck ass with everything else.
Tremendously let down...Could Sylar's eyes get any farther apart.

Claire is OK...just ok.
Claire isn't even just ok. Where's those juicy legs I've come to love?!
Good point. Said it before, I'll say it again.

DC should be making these. And actor likeness is great, but figs based on Tim Sale's art would have been much, much cooler.
I am 100% behind everything 'Heroes' and last summer when it was announced that Mezco would be handling this line i was a bit worried having seen mos of their other figures...but i had hope. Seeing the finished products im not completely let down but i do think that they could have been alot better. I just don't know why they would give the line to Mezco?....why them?....there are plenty of other toy companies who do better jobs with figures...NECA, Sideshow, Diamond Select, DC Direct, Mcfarlane just to name a few. Anyway...im sure 'Heroes' will be around for a long time so hopefully somewhere down the line a more experienced company will take over the line...
TheCompanyMan™;13744335 said:
I am 100% behind everything 'Heroes'

I used to be like that...but the first half of season 2 was just plain old bad. They redeemed themselves for the most part though, and the S2 finale was more solid than S1...let's just see if they can take some of the twists that occurred and make them into genuine plot hooks instead of the "shock-factor" they appear to be.
I love MOHINDER!!!....he looks really awsome!...CLAIRE gets a 7/10....peter a 6/10...hiro 8/10...and syler a 7/10. Overall they are not bad...better than the cover picture revealed. I was worried there for a second...but overall i would say this is a pretty good 1st line!
They suck. Mohinder is dead on, but Peter is really bad, Hiro's hair looks lame, and the others we've already talked about.
Mohinder is the onyl one that looks any good....and flight Peter looks like a nice pose......good job making that the exclusive *******s.

Anyway, nice to know I can save my money on these.....wait.....any pics of the 3 inch scale screen grabs?
mezco fails again.... only one that looks close to the actor is the indian guy, hes the only one spot on...

Sylar looks like admiral akbars cousin.. his heads too big and fish eyes?

claire looks nothing like hayden at all

peter looks like him from far away, but close up he looks 50...

hiro is alright, but looks wierd
i think they look alright still, i'll get them. hounestly i'd rather just get the none exclusive peter petrelli, cos the flying one dont come with the glowing hands, and i could make him fly on my own with glowing hands.... so theres no point in getting the exclusive.

hiro FTW

i just noticed they all come with paintings, thats cool.
im really feeling the exclusive peter...he looks better than the regular one...

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