Microsoft to buy Logitech

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Dec 21, 2002
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From Kotaku, it´s more than a rumor, it´s more of a loud whisper.
If that ends being true, it´s great for MS.
IMO, Logitech is the best peripheral manufacter around, followed by Creative.
That can mean that good peripherals can be on it´s way or for next gen
I think the peripherals MS makes are great, but this couldn't hurt.
Logitech makes the only good offbrand add ons, so I'm all for this.
Great for MS not so great for the consumer if you ask me.
Logitech practices some of the best customer service around these days.Any item bought that is then registered on their website receives the full warranty.
Since Ive been purchasing Logitech Ive had a keyboard get soda spilled on it.A 5.1 surround sound system and headphone(separate purchases)both broken when the headphone jack snapped off inside..
On both occasions NIB items were shipped to me free of charge within a week after speaking to a cust/service rep for about 15 minutes.I didnt have to ship any 'broken' items off for a refurb.Or go through any sort of hassle.

So ,my fear would be that MS(notorious for BAD customer service) would ruin all of that.
So ,my fear would be that MS(notorious for BAD customer service) would ruin all of that.
Look at it from other perspective, it might help MS on having a better customer service.
Not that i ever had any problem with MS, honestly, my 360 runs fine, with no problem and it´s from Nov 2005.
Everything going under one umbrella has never sat right with me. Granted, they probably made a decent offer, but you know.
Good, them just maybe I can use my G25 rather than the Microsoft Wireless Wheel.

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