Millions of Beaches, Beaches for me! - The Beach Thread


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Oct 31, 2006
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Hi all,

one of my favourite holiday types are beach holidays! I just love how calming the water is and I love surf culture. So I was wondering, what are some of the best beaches you’ve been to?

I think Western Australia has some of the best, Cottesloe beach, Rottnest. Absolutely gorgeous and the quokkas are the cutest
Amazing shots! I always liked to discover for myself a new interesting spots and that's the reason i am creating my own travel business at the moment. I hope by the end of the year it will be officially open as now i work closely with travel product development company and discussing the last details of our new digital product. People should discover more some new places, instead of going all the time to the same touristic destinations.
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I love beaches but I don’t spend hours sunbathing. Love walking on the sand and going in and out of the water. Would love to have a massive clean beach near me.

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