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my fanboy room


Mar 15, 2003
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I've always loved these threads, but have never taken the time to build one until now. My room / office is about 10 x 10 (feet). In one corner, I have a 6x6 L shaped desk...

Random shots of my bookshelves (I have two) which display the trades, hardcovers, etc. I also place some opened figures on them.

Silver Age Joker & Batman, Zorak, Silent Bob as Batman. Legends of Batman Joker shooting Super Powers Robin. Classic Batman alarm clock. I'm looking for something I can make-shift into a crow bar to enact the A Death in the Family scene.
books 1.jpg

Better shot of the Joker / Batman / Zorak / Silent Bob shelf with my Archive Editions, etc.
books 2.jpg

One top shelf is figures only, mostly Palpatines with 12" scale Batman, Robin, Nightwing. On top, 12" ultimate Batman, Greg Maddux, mini Jim Lee Catwoman statue, first appearance Batman, Barry Sanders, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Magneto.
east shelf top.jpg

Another angle of the above with some of my moc figures hanging.
east shelf.jpg

12" Begins figure, Nightwing / Robin statues, He-Man and Skeletor.
north east corner.jpg

Another angle of the above.
north shelf top.jpg

In one corner, I have my two five-drawer legal sized file cabinets. Each drawer can hold the equivalent of 2 long boxes. Basically, the two house the same amount of issues that would fill 10 long boxes. They're great for storage. On top, more figures.

All the Hush figures, Kingdom Come Batman, Red Robin, First Appearance Robin, Nightwing, Palpatine from the Unleashed line, Astonishing Wolverine, Days of Future Past Wolverine, various other figures from the Legends of Batman line. And my Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert poster (framed with the broken guitar string I made off with from the show!)
cabinet tops corner.jpg
Another angle. Note the Batman sqeeze toy. It was one of my first toys, dated 1978 (I was born in late 77).
cabinet tops.jpg

I put some cork board around the walls adjacent the celing. With some strategically placed thumbtacks, we have hanging MOC figures.

figures above closet.jpg

figures above door.jpg

figures above window.jpg


Issue 1 cover by McDaniel
north west corner.jpg

Would-be cover from unproduced mini from the early 90s
south wall 1.jpg

The Batman and Robin Adventures #1 cover, promo poster from A Lonely Place of Dying.
south wall 2.jpg
Another shot of the two above with Nightwing, Batman, and Robin (from the Mattel line) on my monitor.
south wall 3.jpg

Alfred's Return promo, Nightwing Mini issue 1 promo.
south west corner 2.jpg

Another shot.
south west corner.jpg

And another.
west wall.jpg

I also have two shelves that I've converted into rooftops. You can get these at department stores in the bathroom decorating area. They're for trinkets and such, and I've spray painted them with fleckstone to give them a concrete look and feel. One has various DC Direct figures, the other has various Dick Graysons.

Flash from Justice, Huntress from Hush, Batgirl from First Appearance, Catwoman from Knightfall, Green Lantern & Green Arrow from Hard Traveling Heroes, Zatanna from Silver Age.
south figure shelf.jpg

Robin from First Appearance, Robin from Silver Age, Earth-2 Robin from CoIE, Japanese Nightwing mini, Red Robin from Kingdom Come, Nightwing from First Appearance, Nightwing from Knightfall, Nightwing from Hush.
west figure shelf.jpg
Great collection, Snipe(heh, he called you "spine"). We have a lot of the same stuff. I like the file cabinets. I had to build a bin to store my comics. What do those cabinets go for?
Fledermaus said:
What do those cabinets go for?

I got them at a used furniture store for about $150 per. If you get them new, they run close to 250-275. If you're looking to get some, make sure you get legal size - you can fit two rows of comics upright side-by-side in each drawer. Letter size can only fit one row.

EDIT: I'll try and get some images of open drawers in a bit...
hey, Snipe, long time, no see. Nice to finally see some of your stuff. i dont hang around here much anymore, its not like "the old days". i miss the nice discussions that used to go on here, and i miss the old gang. maybe ill drop by the squad sometime, if its still there.

take care.
hey, Snipe, long time, no see. Nice to finally see some of your stuff. i dont hang around here much anymore, its not like "the old days". i miss the nice discussions that used to go on here, and i miss the old gang. maybe ill drop by the squad sometime, if its still there.

take care.

My collection isn't much compared to your's :)
Stop on by anytime, we're more or less still there...
You got all the HUSH figures..lucky (I don't have any but would be cool to have at least Batman HUSH figure). Nice collection of Graphic Novels...and yea nice posters.
Nice!! if only mine was that big :(...its so sad how big mine is lol
i can't wait for you collectors to have children so they can destroy all your work or at least throw it away when you die,

yeah i'm jealous and this is my outlet, sue me....

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