My Photoshop Fan Art Gallery

Yay, you're sharing them again! I haven't seen some of them in a long time. Can't wait to see more. :up:
Cool, I kind of get a cinematic vision from your images in the way they're presented
Thank you fellow Hypesters. I don't know if any of you noticed but in the Spider-man vs. the Lizard you can click it once and then again for the super-size version. I have Ant Man on the little ledge near the tip of the Lizard's tale.

In the Spider-man vs. Rhino I put myself in the car. I'm in the dumpster on the Days of Future Past one in the middle of the screen.
Simply fantastic :-) I really love how you set up the site; it's much like walking into a real art exhibit.
Really well done. Still a sense of realism, but at the same time, stylized art!

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