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Mister Sinister

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Apr 8, 2004
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I asked a while back for a name change and I was told they're not doing it any more. Is this still the case?
Yep, you cannot have your name change. We don't do it anymore
she won't do it either, Holly. Dew stated several times the name changing is OVER.
Why'd she have such a sudden change of heart on the name change thing for a few weeks, and then it was back to no more? :confused:
I wish my name could be changed back to "Batattack" again. :( But I know it never will be...
Holly Goodhead said:
Dont listen to Morg, he'll mix the truth with lies.
Yeah, only special people can get name changes.
it was cool when we could change our own names :(

Dew said no more name changes...

What are you implying?
He got his name changed back because there was a problem with his name that was making things difficult. I have, since Mirko's ban on name changes, made the rare occassion changed names if it serves to make the boards better, not just because someone decided they were bored.
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