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Nelson Mandela

Dr. Evil

Nov 28, 2002
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If you've heard the news, Mandela has spent the last four days in a Pretoria hospital in serious but stable condition for a lung infection. He's a global figure.

I don't know really where to pus this, so feel free to move it if it's the wrong thread.
He's 94 years old and has had several health scares so people better start expecting him to die rather soon than for him to live another 10-20 years. He can't live forever, except for in people's hearts and minds.
When his time does come, I hope they'll let him go with dignity. South African politics is a mess.
...while it is incredibly sad to see an icon such as this begin to fade away, he has lived a very long life and had quite an impact on the world.
Its been quite a week here in South Africa.
Well rumors are going around saying he has passed away, the police have blocked the entire street where his house is and the current president Jacob Zuma is at his ( Nelson) house now.

The president is about to make a speech now, so its looking more likely that Nelson Mandela has passed away.
A new era has begun. Perhaps it's been a long time coming.

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