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Batterson J. Manford III
Sep 8, 2007
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Just a heads up, Fantastic Four is premiering on FX next Tuesday.

So, um, yeah . . .
They went with the main title opening of the extended cut. I'm shocked.

I nearly wet myself.

This was how it should have opened in the first place.
its the exended edition of the movie.. which is a great move.

Just saw it on FX. I forgot how bad this movie was.
That was the first time that I've seen that version. I loved the Ben and Alicia stuff. I thought it was a much better movie and now can lament that they didn't release that version in the theaters. It seems they had cut all the acting scenes and left only action scenes. Pfft. I'll never understand that sort of thing.
The extended edition was fantastic. The only thing that didn't fit right was when Reed and Sue went on their "date" twice. They said the lines almost the same way two times. They should have picked one scene and left it at that.
wow why did they cut all these scenes out?... the movie still sucks though lol
FX has been showing it a lot. It's on right now.

How can anyone not like the fact that on a random Wednesday you can watch X-Men and FF back to back while flipping through your cable channels? Ten years ago, we'd have all freaked out at this revelation.

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