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New Deathstroke Series


Mar 19, 2003
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Yesterday, I bought the first 15 issues of the new Deathstroke series and was extremely disappointed. Actually, I hated them.

What are your thoughts on this series?

- Thanos
justin jordan is writing soon

maybe it will be better ioo
I really liked the first few issues. I haven't read it much since, but picked up one of the vs. Lobo issues and it looked terrible. A bit soon to be having a rut. -_-
It was terribly drawn and written.

Not sure what you expected from a Rob Liefeld-headed series.
It was the prospects of Lobo vs Deathstroke that led me to purchase all the issues. Unfortunately, having loved both of their series back in the late 80's and early 90's, this run isn't anywhere near the quality of those.

I would love to see DC put Mike Grell on Deathstroke for an extended run. His Warlord and Green Arrow runs are two of my favorites and I think Grell could do some amazing things with Deathstroke.

- Thanos
I thought the first arc with Higgins writing, and Joe Bennett on art was pretty good. Then Liedfeld came on, and ruined it. Justin Jordan is just starting his run though, and people seem to like his first issue, although the interior art for Jordan's first few issues was supposed to be done by the cover artist Scott Clark, but he was moved on to the upcoming Martian Manhunter back up.

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