New Marvel Minimates


Apr 3, 2006
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I'm not sure if anyone else loves these lil buggers, but I do. I love the detail they have for such tiny figs, and they practically let you build the whole Marvel Universe (or at least getting there).

Toyfare showed a whole new batch of em in the latest issue, and there are some sweet surprises in store. There are two new series, including 'Prison Break' Spiderman (bust up and without mask) and Ronin, Cap. America and Nick Fury, Sentry and Nick Cage, and a 'vault' sentry varient (bearded, long haired and a bit 'homeless' esque. Then there's an 'astonishing x men' series, with a.x.m cyclops, emma frost, kitty pryde, beast, wolverine and colossus and a days of future past varient wolveirne.

BTW has anyone seen the minimate x men movie Dark Tide yet?
Yeah. it's 9 minutes. It's okay....but not great.
9 Minutes? That's....lame. I was at least expecting like 20 mins, like an animated episode.
I cannot wait until the Astonishing X-Men series comes out. Can't wait.
I still don't get the whole Minimates thing. I just dont;
Roughneck said:
I still don't get the whole Minimates thing. I just dont;

It took me a while to get on board, but basically, this is why I love em.

For less than the price of a full figure, I can get two marvel characters. Obviously, while not as detailed as the ML, they still capture the total essence of the characters. And for a very, very affordable price, you can basically build your own mini Marvel universe, with many semi-obscure characters that would probably not get a figure in the 'regular' ML line.

That's what appeals about it to me anyway.
I digg 'em too, but tend to focus the DC characters. I have bought some Marvel minimates because they were really cool-- excellent details & accessories.

I've noticed that Minimates don't freak my kids out (4-year old twin toddlers). The good guys look great w/ cool accessories & the bad guys don't scare the pants off my kids. Without being bland, they're a great intro to the world of SH action figures that we both can enjoy. When I was a boy, I started w/ the Mego action figures from the 70's. Mine seem to really like the minimates, which I think is really cool.

I have a couple sets of Minimates, the Thanos + Silver Surfer, and a couple from wave 11. May try and get some more eventually, though I'd rather buy singles instead of sets. I do know where I can get the old Giant-Sized X-Men set for cheap though, I definitely plan on getting that at some point.
I had a bunch of MiniMates, and I still have the Daredevil-related ones, but I couldn't justify getting heavily involved into another toyline. Maybe I'll be able to once Hasbro's MLs come out, but even then, I'm not so sure. :csad:
I still don't get them....I mean I see them and I see why people buy them....I just don't see why people like them,

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