new pic (that's a hell of a gun!)

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Mar 28, 2005
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new pic i hope... if not, my bad... enjoy.

Just saw it on, Wow, that's awesome in so many different ways.
Now thats a cool picture, i hope we get to see a bit more gun action in the sequel, though not at the expense of HB personally kicking ass hand-to-hand style :cwink:.
hey does Hellboy's Hand of doom look weird to you guys? Something doesn't look right to me.
hey does Hellboy's Hand of doom look weird to you guys? Something doesn't look right to me.

I'm also suspicious of this picture, but for different reasons. I think it's scanned from elsewhere, and could be either an illegally sneaked picture from the set or a leaked image. Either way, I would severely doubt this site got it through the correct channels - although Big Baby looks about right. Hmmmm ...

is his hair more brown these days?
Love that pic, love the gun.
HB 1 is my favorite comic movie, can't wait for this one to come out!
The picture for sure doesn't look official it's real but it doesn't look like they released, also things in the pic seem just wrong.
Guillermo has confirmed it's real - just a really bad, low-res scan. He says the trailer will be on line and in theatres very soon, along with more pics etc. on the site.

I hope that means this friday, does anyone remember seeing a hellboy 1 trailer in theaters or on tv, because i don't?
Really, I so don't remember any of them are they own the dvd?
The pic wasn't comic up before, but now I see it, it looks alot better, but I still think his hand looks weird.
His hand looked like that in the last movie too. If you're refering to his flat fingers then it's just how it is, even in the comics.
That's a better version - HB on the streets of New York. The NYC set at Korda Studios, complete with garbage truck.


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