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Jul 3, 2005
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My Latest edition to my collection should be coming soon. The guy at the comic book store said its one of the coolest Spidey collectibles he's ever seen, and i agree. The sculpt rules


And for only $75
This statue is awesome. I have 50+ statues and busts and this is one of my favs. It is smaller than i thought, bu the detail is amazing and paint app is cool. The only bad thing is that it didnt come with something to prop it up against, seeing as how its a wall statue, but i bought something perfect for it at an arts and crafts store

:spidey: Sinister Six
Finally found pics from the Comic Con of a new J. Jonah bust and a Rogues Gallery Doc Ock bust. I love them both. If anyone is interested tell me and I'll post the pics.

:spidey: Sinister Six
Hi, I only collect the 'Rogues Gallery' busts, please post the pic of 'Doc Ock'. Also, maybe not the correct place to ask but I really want to know what bad guys wre/are offically in the 'sinister six'?

Yo IMP, here's the pic as requested. I have all of the Rogues Gallery `cept MAndarin, Sunfire, and Sabretooth( I dont wan` them). I think this series rocks and so does the doc ock.


And heres the JJ. This one is very interesting. It incorporates the whole backround story of Scorpion and JJ. JJ is holding Scorpions mask plus on the backside of JJ is a Spider Slayer. And below the sculpt is the pic from the SDCC. I know its Marvel Universe but this one is def on my list. Enjoy
:spidey: Sinister Six

i just got my rogues gallery kraven the hunter bust in the mail. it is awesome. i just bought rogues gallery vulture too. i should get that soon.

hey sinister six, where can i get the rest of rogues gallery besides ebay?
Yes, Kraven is very nice, i like the base a lot. Vulture I didn't like as much. Something I couldn't put my finger on. Tell me which ones you need to complete the Rogues Gallery and I'll post a bunch of links.

You got a pm

:spidey: Sinister Six
i need basically most of them

green goblin
Thanks SinisterSix92, those pics are cool. I love that JJ mini bust & I like the 'Doc Ock' but I'd like to see it from a different angle, I'll still but it though! Like I've said before I only really collect the 'Rogues Galley' line I have them all so far but I do have some Marvel Universe & Ulitmate busts as well as a few Transformers & all of the 'G.I Joe' mini busts.

Did you see a release date on when 'Doc Ock' is coming out? I noticed that JJ will be out next year, I wonder if the Doc Oct will be out the same time?

Also how long do you guys think that the 'Rogues Gallery' line will be lasting? I mean most of the mini busts have been of Spidey's bad guys, I don't think that there's that many left to do?

Here's hoping they will continue for a while yet.

After further examining the Doc Ock bust I think you can bend the tentacles. If you look at the pic posted above, two tentacles are laying on top of each other, and why would that be the pose. So I'm pretty sure the tentacles are poseable. I hope they are!!!

:spidey:Sinister Six
hey sinister, can you post some links where you can get rogues gallery busts? the ones i need are further up.
Ok, now to answer some questions. @spiderfan, I`m still looking for a few so I'll get that list for you soon. Also, Hobgoblin isn't in Rogues Gallery, its in Marvel Universe. I have it, and it's kinda of like Vulture to me. I hate the red eyes and the base, but if you want to have all of the villains I would get him. @Imp, Not sure when doc ock will be released but sometime near JJJ in June is a good guess. Thats a good question about how much longer the series will go on. I love this series so I hope they space the release dates out and keep it going for a while. The Spider-Man enemies so far are:
-Green Goblin
-Doc Ock

What surprised me is that this series doesn't have a Spidey bust. I have IMO the coolest Spidey bust ever, the Marvel Universe one, so I display that in my Rogues Gallery shelf, but I would really want to see how cool the Rogues Gallery one would be. If you think of any recognizable Spidey villains that would make a good bust post them. I have in mind Hydroman, Beetle, I would like to see a RG Hobgoblin bust, not too fond of the Marvel Universe one, Chameleon, Symbiote Spidey, and maybe see somebody besides Bowen which I dont collect do either a Peter Parker or an alter-ego with a split face of Parker and Spidey.

:spidey:Sinister Six
oh okay! he keeps coming up on ebay when i type in rogues gallery. is your spidey bust this one?


i got that one too. real cool. whenever you get those links is fine. don't rush, take your time.
Hey Guys,

Just thinking more about what 'SinisterSix92' said about what other bad guys that could be released for the RG line, I can only think of;

then pretty much what Sinister had suggested already;
The Beetle

But I guess that with this line being called 'Rogues Gallery' and the fact that we have had three busts so far that were not exclusively 'Spidey' bad guys then maybe I guess that DS are open to releasing other bad guys in the name of RG?

I have looked at the 'Hobgoblin' minibust but like Sinister I do not really like it and have not added it to my collection, but I think that the recent Demogoblin mini bust looks great but still with it not being on the 'named' base as such I do not see it being a part of my collection, maybe DS will re-release this at some point on the now signature 'RG' bases?

I also love that 'Spidey' mini bust(that's pictured above) I have yet to get it but every time I see it I am getting more determined to buy it, I have all 4 of the 'ultimate' spidey busts - normal, unmaksed, symbiote & spidey s/edition, these are well sculpted but do not really fit with the 'RG' line so I might sell these and get that 'universe' spidey, also there is a more ltd spidey coming out that looks a darker colour then the normal one so I might pic that up aswell?

Anyway I hope that DS do continue to produce these great busts and long may the line continue?

Here's the list: has the Venom for $60 (great price, Very rare now) and has Hobgoblin for $45, Sandman for $45, Carnage for $60, and Lizard for $45. I've never ordered from this site but they seem pretty reasonable.

That leaves Shocker, Electro, Green Goblin has Shocker and Electro for $50. I know it says Marvel Universe in parentheses but after looking at the pics they are the RG ones. A lot of people mix MU and RG up. I have ordered about 5 Alien/Predator things from Nitro and everything came fine and quick. I know they don't have any details about the product, just a picture, but if you know what you want by the picture, you'll get what you are looking for.

That leaves Green Goblin which I can't seem to find. I tried sites I go to a lot, trying search engines, everything.

I'll keep an eye out for it, I'm sure it will turn up.

If you're interested in RG you should check out these Marvel Milestones statues and this Premiere Collection statue. I have these and they are great!





:spidey: Sinister Six
oh so do i. these thigns are so cool. i got that spidey bust at suncoat for $35 i think. that is what got me started buying busts. i would really like to see a different hobgoblin, yes. the one they have isn't bad but it could be better. i would like to a morbius bust. that would be cool. the chameleon would be cool too. they need to make a spiderman RG. you know they could make some variants of some of the bigger name villains too. when i get my scorpion and vulture i will post pics. IMP77 do you have a picture of that ltd spidey with darker colors you were talking about?
Great ideas IMP, i never thought of Smythe, Morbius, Tombstone, and Hammerhead. I can picture a Tombstone bust in my head and it would look great! With each Diamond Select product you purchase comes a suggestion card. We might hafta submit some of these villains.

:spidey: Sinister Six
sinister, i love that green goblin milestone! it is so cool. yahoo shop has it for $100 on sale i think. the venom is very cool too. i must have that green goblin one though. thanx for the links as well.
@spiderfan, just saw your post about variants. That would be cool. Maybe younger variant of Vulture, or just a different pose. I would buy that type of thing if it looked cool. Good idea

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