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World New Superman Animated Series.


Obsessed with the \S/
Feb 28, 2002
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Since Young Justice is now cancelled, and this is Superman's 75th anniversary, how about a new animated series?

Maybe they could design the suit based on the 'Man of Steel' movie or the 'Return to Krypton' one from the comics (except in red, blue and yellow)



I'd love a new animated series, if it is headed by someone who knows the character well.
I'm guessing it'll be the usual suspects:

Bruce Timm
Sam Register
James Tucker
Greg Weisman
Sam Liu
Glen Murakami
Brandon Vietti

I could really go for a high octane Superman cartoon, one with action only cartoons can do, especially if it went into the Superman character as well.
Hope they do one and its James Tucker, we need a new Superman show infact we deserve one
I'd love a GOOD Superman cartoon thats full of action and awesome storytelling...and not be cancelled like Young Justice.
I'd love the idea of another Superman cartoon, however it depends on the audience.

If it's a kid level like say the recently deceased Green Lantern cartoon, then I guess it would be ok to have juvenile villains like Bizarro, or Toyman.(Was never really a big fan of Bizarro). If it's something similar to Young Justice, I'd want better villains.

Villains I'd like to see:
Lex Luthor(duh)
Hank Henshaw
31st Century villains in a Legion of Superheroes story arc
Doomsday(as a season finale villain, which would leave the episode as a cliffhanger to Superman's death)
Superboy-Prime(make him do some sort of retcon punch for giggles)
An epsiode featuring Kryptonite mutants, which pay homage to the freaks of the week from Smallville,
As one who doesn't love STAS (It's OK, but a bit trite and plain, especially Superman himself), I'd love for them to give a Superman animated series another go.
I wouldn't mind seeing an animated show focusing on Clark first coming to Metropolis / going to college.
As one who doesn't love STAS (It's OK, but a bit trite and plain, especially Superman himself), I'd love for them to give a Superman animated series another go.

Superman needs someone who knows how to handle him even when he's powerful. Bruce Timm's Superman was far less powerful than even John Byrne's Superman.
I've always had an idea for a Superman Animated Series based on Time and Time Again but instead of him travelling through different time periods he'd travel to different Worlds meeting different incarnations if Superman other DC Heroes. It'd be an interesting dynamic, would have to last more than two seasons which Cartoon Network seem to like and would have wonderful toy potential.
They should get some Japanese studios to do the animation and get the American TAS writers to do the story.

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