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Dec 2, 2003
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A Superman/Supergirl (Animated Movie) will be based from the #252 Action Comics on Superman released way back in 1958, that The Man of Steel, was to believe that he was the only survivor to his home planet krypton. Before his home planet was destroyed. Til then a surviving orbit of Krypton's core flew off into space for years, before he was born. He sees a teenage girl dressed in the blue and red outfit similar to his. Wearing a cape and a skirt. She introduce herself to her cousin Kal-El and say "Hey! Superman I have all your powers". Her name is Kara as Jor-El's niece.

I think the Origin of Superman from the "Justice League: New Frontier" film, should be used for the upcoming Superman/Supergirl (animated movie). How does that sound ?

A movie based on Action Comics # 252 sounds a great idea.
Yes, that will be a great idea. A Superman & Supergirl (animated movie) based from the early 1950's era, will sound great.

Here are the Casting choices:

Kyle MacLachlan as the Voice of Superman/Clark Kent (To Return)

Kyra Segdwick as the Voice of Lois Lane (To Return)

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Supergirl/Kara/Linda Lee Danvers


Jeremy Irons as The Voice of Lex Luthor

John Schneider as the Voice of Jor-El
(* Originally played Clark's Dad "Jonathan Kent" from episode seasons SMALLVILLE 1-5 *)

Sarah Douglas as the Voice of Lara
(* Originally played The Super Villainess of Krypton "Ursa" from Superman I & 2 and then did the voice of the next Super-villainess of Krypton "Mala" *)

Kevin Sorbo as the Voice of Zor-El (Uncle of Superman)
(* Actor of "Hercules: Legendary Journeys" was casted to play Zor-El from SMALLVILLE but got delayed to Christopher Heyerdahl *)

Linda Fiorentino as the Voice of Allura (Aunt of Superman)

David Gallagher as the Voice of Jimmy Olsen

Justin Timberlake as the Voice of Richard "Dick" Malverine (Linda's new boyfriend)

James Garner as the Voice of Perry White

Kirsten Dunst as the Voice of Lucy Lane (Lois's teenage Sister)
(* She played Mary Jane Watson from SPIDER-MAN I, II, III and she can play Lois Lane's teenage sister and be buddies to Clark Kent's cousin Linda *)

Bill Paxton as the Voice of Fredrick "Fred" Danvers (Linda's adopted Father)

Courtney Cox as the Voice of Edna Danvers (Linda's adopted Mother)
I saw this posted on the MillarWorld boards:
Otso said:
Since we all know the hot-selling Superman|Batman: Public Enemies was a hit on sales. It seems DC will make sequels out of that serie instead of the other line of stories they could have used.

So the German site for WB products shows that September would be releasing Superman|Batman - Journey to the Dark Side.

Now there is no storyline like that in the comics, but will they take inspiration from the Loeb stories like they did in the first movie? Is the second one going to be the Michael Turner penciled ""The Supergirl From Krypton"" with some of the most iconic villains out there? From Darkseid to Female Furies!

Or will they make their own story or adapt plenty of stories from Superman|Batman book? What would you wish to see the Worl's Greatest team face?
^^ I really thought that Ed Mcguiness's Public Enemies translated pretty well on dvd. And im a big Micheal Turner fan so i would love to see them translate "The Supergirl from Krypton" into animation.

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