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New TDK Shirt avalible at....


Trust Me.
Jul 3, 2004
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Friend of mine told me he spotted a cool TDK Joker shirt at Hot Topic> So I naturally picked it up. Nothing that special but still really cool.
I picked one up...only $19, not that bad :o
I wish his forehead wasn't cut off like that.
Might have to take a trip over to the mall tomorrow ....
I wish his forehead wasn't cut off like that.

well in the original pic, it was like that, cause it cut it off at the top of the browser, so there's really nothing they could do...

I also finally got around to ordering the Alex Ross Tango With Evil painting t-shirt today too...now all I have to do is get that Leigon of Doom one with the Joker standing at the front, and I'm set.
^I bought that one at wizard world this year. I always get tons of comments on how cool it is everytime I wear it. I'm meeting Ross this tuesday, and I'm definetly gonna be a nerd and wear it.
wore mine to school nobody knew what it was made me feel great.... worthy enough to be the only guy at my school with the shirt:woot:
Seriously one of the most ugliest shirts ever. They could have done so much better.
They probably will do better, but this is something people can have now while the majority of the public have no idea who that is. Again, the alternative is no shirt right now and from what I've seen of it, the gruesome close up is a good effect.

It's not a well designed shirt but the Joker's new face is not as clean and put together either.

I wish the new shirt of the joker was available to the public, instead of sending it to random celebrities.
I saw this shirt last week. It doesnt look that bad in person.

If anyone is interested in more vintage style tshirts, Target has a Batman and a joker shirt in the 70's comic book style. Im gonna pick those up.
yeah I pretty cool vintage ones:

nevermind can't find em but they're really neat
I wish the new shirt of the joker was available to the public, instead of sending it to random celebrities.

Well, the celebs are getting that one white shirt and the screened image of Ledger is available to us "commoners." I saw one of the promotion tees sell on ebay for $200.

For a shirt.

I think I'd stick with the $19 version. :hoboj:
I saw that ebay shirt you're talkin' about...200 bucks!!??
My Girlfriend got me one for Christmas...I'm such a lucky Joker to have such a sweet Harley.

The shirt sure gets comments.
I wore mine to I Am Legend on opening night. I scared a little kid and some dude looked at me like I was nuts. Everyone else just kinda glanced.
Shadowbat too bad they only make certain sizes for targets shirts, no smalls :( cause I was going to get those along with the sweet ghostbusters shirt and they only have medium up to XXL. Ya when I got my Heath-Joker shirt from Hot Topic I was also disturbed by the head being cut off, it just looks weird, but still worth it!
I wore it today (to college), and I had at least 4 or 5 people ask me, "You still like Marylin Manson?"

to which I replied, "No, it's Heath Ledger as the Joker in the new Batman movie."

But everyone was still confused b/c they seen the trailer and joker doesn't like THAT similar to the picture on this t-shirt.
Yeah, everytime i wear mine out someone either says.."WHOOOOAAA....cool friggin shirt man!" or you get one of these..."Dude, that's disgusting!!" lol I love this shirt! I mean, it's pretty hard these days to get people to react to a shirt in both possitive and negative ways. So, to have people take notice and be impressed or depressed with this shot of Joker is quite nice! It's about time Joker gets some respect!
Does anyone know a web site that is still selling the Joker shirt? I checked Hot Topic in my mall, but they were all out and are not sure if they're getting more shipments in.
What happened to that tan Joker shirt? Anybody recall what I'm talking about?

Wish I could get it...

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