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news on the final


Jul 27, 2001
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i posted ages ago about this in a previous thread

well now that the final decisions of the NIPA: Northern Ireland Photographic Association sports photography round of which i spoke of in the last journal have been made. i decided to upload the four piece of mine that made through the first round and into the final

sadly my pieces were not marked high enough to be placed in any of the spots. i must admit i expected as much, hell i was in shock when they got through round one.

i didn't get to go to the judging due to a conflicting schedule(i.e. i couldn't get the night off) but have heard a mixed bag of comments from people who did, about what was said about the work.

though the only one that seems to stick out in my mind was a someone at the event refused to comment on them as when they found out 3 of the pieces were from a wwe event, they said that it wasn't sport and shouldn't be allowed to be entered

gotta love the art world huh :lol: ;)

the four pieces
dynamic duo
need some help
King of kings

ahh its great the hype never changes, when your down it comes along and kicks ya :p
Wow, those are some really great photos, man.:wow: I especially like the whole composition of the Dynamic Duo. It's too bad they didn't make it all the way.

... and I'm thinking no one's posting on this thread because of the vague title... I thought you were going to talk about your results on some school exam or something... :o
thanks man, i suppose you right about the title, ahh well doesnt matter. i can put it done to experience and use what i've learned for the next load of contests.

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