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Not a succes in America, but should have contuned for other country's


Aug 10, 2004
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Not a succes in America, but should have contuned for other country's.

It is shame that some tv series who end in the VS after 1 season and if there are lucky 2 seasons not contune for outside of America.

Examples i like have to see contuned as Europe/Dutch member are:

The Event. I don't whant 9 seasons like 24, but atleast 2 or 3 seasons (and mabey 4) have been nice.

Nikita 2010 (2011). I haven't season 2 yet. Of course i hope that Nikita going to be more liike a team like the old series. Admit Alias get mabey 1 season to much, but 4 seasons for Nikita 2010 be nice. Also my country wait on dvd release of the old Nikita tv series, we only get season 1.

Thursday in my country a new tv series with dinosaurs wil start (produced by Spielberg) and iam thinking not to watch it because in the VS there is stil some doubt or there going to make a second season. Whyle i give up after lost 2.12 because the channel mess with it, over a couple of years i wil it give it a try on dvd when the box getter a lower price and from lost there make 6 seasons. When this dino series wil get a second season, i wil possible thinking about it to buy it on tv or i watch it when the channel repeat the first season first. (Thanks to the repeat of 24 season 1 i also follow the rest.)

it is mabey a bit quike, but on this moment (Season 4) i don't like the anouchment that Made Men not get more then 7 seasons because i like to see Mad Men going in to the 70's.

Other series take a long break between seasons like Sherlock where i not expect there going to be a second season after season flop end there end after 3 episodes (or 6 if count ever 84 minutes episodes as 2.). The second season again only have 3 episodes. I don't like the first season, stil don't know or i going to follow season 2 if going to be on tv. Mabey only to pick it up again with season 2 if there make more and longer seasons. 24 after season 6 be gone for 2 years in my country and then return with season 7 and season 8 with a litle 6 months in between.
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I just think its too costly for anetwork to do. I can be wrong, but I think if a series is made in America with the American demographic in mind, if it fails, they pull the plug. I know lots of shows get exported and broadcast at a later point, but I'd say usually by then the decision is made and thats that. Unless you get a Family Guy situation or something similar, the chances of a revival or continuation of any kind is pretty slim. I just don't think TV producers are looking at the world market as a whole.
It's still on but likely won't last a second season but I know Whitney did very well in Canada, one of the top shows in the country. It's aired on the number one network here, basically combine CBS with Fox as they carry most of their top shows, so 3 camera sitcoms do well on it attracting older viewers.

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