The Wolverine Official The Wolverine Manip thread


Using the current photo & logo assets... (and skimping on the credits)
Lots of nice artwork in here. I will have to visit more often. :)
gkokujin, I love that artwork! Awesome. :)

Here's my offering...though I might have tried to be too clever with the idea. The symbol on the shield is Japanese for 'Samurai', it has 3 lines going through it which I've substituted with Wolverines claws. Not sure many people would recognise it if they had no prior knowledge.

Ah well, thoughts?
Thanks psylockolussus,

I'm not sure why the font looks so pixelated, it looks fine before I upload it.

Found this one the other day.

Credit to DarkEspada for the original background

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All of these manips are great! I really like the combination of red, black and white and you can tell right away that they are inspired by Japan.
Can anyone try to re-create the famous Wolverine #1 cover?


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I think this suit would be the ideal suit for a movie can someone try to manip Hugh's head on

I just recently saw The Wolverine, which is a great film. The alternate ending was awesome and I'm pissed that they didn't make it the official ending; specially because from what I can see from the box it looks like a great design. It would be great to see what they showed fully realized, I really think it could work on screen. Hugh Jackman needs to wear it once before he's done with the role. And lets face if Captain America can look great on film there's no excuse not to use this costume.

So this is just about I how I picture the costume looking. I went with mostly black with yellow accents because I feel that fits the character and the tone of the X movies better. I considered removing the stripes to the sides, they just didn't look right when I tried it, but grew on me. The background is from The Avenger film, the costume would work perfect with Marvel's tone.

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