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Feb 18, 2007
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Paranormal State
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Who ya gonna call? Some college students join fraternities or start chess clubs. But at Penn State University, Ryan Buell is the director of an organization that it's safe to say you won't find in most schools. He presides over the Paranormal Research Society, and this new series follows Buell and his fellow students as they investigate reports of unusual phenomena each week. Tonight, in two back-to-back episodes, he checks out a boy who supposedly sees dead people (where have we heard that before?), and bizarre activity in a house. — Bill Ecklund

Source: TV Guide

I'm definitely watching this tonight. It's like Ghost Hunters but with college kids.
Ghost Hunters with college kids? I'll pass, thanks.
I'm a huge Ghosthunters fan, and I gotta say, this was a disappointment. At least the first two episodes were. It's like it's all research, testimony and then 30 seconds of "Dead Time". And the 'Dead Time' is all "Wow, it feels like it's right in my face." or "Something doesn't want us to be here." Maybe it will just take them a while to acquire all the equipment needed to be like Ghosthunters, but I prefer the video evidence and not just college kids sitting around and saying "oooh, I feel weird in this room."

And also, I hope every episode doesn't end with a bible-reading "cleansing ritual". This show is like "Ghosthunters" for the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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