Perfume: Story of a Murderer trailer

reminds me of jack the ripper for some reason......

movie looks interesting.... i shall rent it
I'm more interested in the book actually. I heard it's quite good.

Trailer is nice though. And it has a voice over by John Hurt which is always a plus. ;)
I absolutely loved reading the novel. It's still one of my favorites.

The trailer looks amazing as well, I'll definitely be seeing this.

It was the opening film of the Gent Film Festival last wednesday. Unfortunately tickets sold out way fast. :(
My all time favorite book. I will be first in line for this. :up:
Looks excellent.:up:
Question to those who read the book, which should I read it first or after?
sorry to bump i was gonna to see if anybody had seen this yet -- I heard it was awesome from my friend who saw it in Europe....

and should i read the book first?
I think whenever seeing a movie based on a book, it's always better to read the book after cause often times the book is better then the movie itself and if you read it before hand, it really sets the bar higher for the movie.

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