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Jul 5, 2004
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A couple of people suggested i should start up a thread for my manips here, so... ta-da! There are a lot of DAMN good pics in this forum tho, so i'm kinda nervous about posting my stuff now.

All of these are just plain old manips done using my crappy old Paint Shop Pro 5. No paintings or sketches like some of the other guys here. I'm trying to improve all the time and to get further away from pics that just look like manips. I wanna get to the point where my stuff looks more like paintings or actual comic art. Never gonna happen, but i can aspire.

There are a LOT of pictures, so i guess the best thing to do would be to post them in roughly the order i made them. If i can remember what that was. I apologise in advance to anyone who is already sick of seeing some of these from the Superman forum. I promise i'll put up some new stuff soon.

Anyway here goes...

My first ever manip... Crispin Glover as the Joker:


Next up are my David Lynch's Superman spoof posters, starring Kyle Mclachlan as Superman/Bizarro, Michael Anderson as Little Lex, and Sherrilyn Fenn as Lois Lane:





My M. Night Shyamalon's Superman spoof poster with Joaquin Phoenix as Superman, Bruce Willis as Lex, and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lois Lane:

Next up, my long Eion Bailey phase. Those were the days:






The Justice League with Christian Bale as Batman, Monica Bellucci as Wonder Woman, Noah Wyle as Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds as The Flash, Vin Diesel as Martian Manhunter and Laura Prepon as Hawkgirl:


Monica Bellucci as Wonder Woman... but BIGGER. One for the dads ;) :


Ryan Reynolds as the Flash:


Ryan McPartlin as Superman. For the ladies ;) :

On to the guy who SHOULD be Superman. The one and only Bruce Almighty:

Bruce with Billy Zane as Lex Luthor:


Superman Vs The Big Giant Robot:

Superman Vs The Alien Menace:
My version of the famous Action Comics #1 cover, Superman's first ever



Another classic Superman cover:



My Justice League pin-ups next...

Bruce Campbell (again) as Superman:

Bill Pullman as Batman. And if i were god he WOULD be:

Jennifer Connelly as Wonder Woman. Mmm:

Noah Wyle as Green Lntern:

Ryan Reynolds as The Flash:

Laurence Fishburne as Martian Manhunter:

I'm working on a Laura Prepon Hawkgirl one and maybe a Sean Bean as Aquaman one, but those are a while off yet.
OK i think thats about all the finished ones i have at the moment. Except for the REALLY crap ones that i left out.

Here are one or two things that are in the works tho...

I'm trying to do a kinda 3 Ages Of Batman thing, with a classic "year one" type of Batman, then a Batman and Robin mid-career one, then either a Dark Knight Returns or Kingdom Come Batman-as-an-OAP one. Here is the first one. Yes he has a gun. Batman DID originally have guns, and i wanted some kind of visual device to show that he was darker and meaner at this point in his career. He is also more low-tech, hence the costume, which i tried to base on various Mike Mignola Batman pictures:


I'm also working on a Kingdom Come thing. I haven't decided yet if this is gonna be a set of seperate manips or if i'm gonna stick them all together in a group pic.

And that really is about it now. I'm also working on a couple of more Jennifer Connelly Wonder Woman pics (cos a guy can never have too many of those), one of which is her flying and is proving to be a total ****** to do.
I have a series of Bruce Campbell Superman movie posters to do as well, but to be honest i'm too lazy to finish anything. The reason i have so many things seemingly on the go at the same time is that i can't be arsed doing any of them. They just sit about on my PC and i do bits and pieces of them whenever. So don't expect those Kingdom Come pics anytime soon. :p

Anyways enough from me already. I'll post anything new as and when it gets done, but in the meantime what do you guys think?

I feel like such an egomaniac right now. :oops:
You're a really big fan of "erode" and "dilate", eh?
I'm not a big fan of manips. I'm not very good at them myself, and most of the ones I've seen have been very poor.
These are some of the best I've seen yet. Pimpernel, you seem to rely on Photoshop effects a little too much, but your choice of actors is interesting.
This one:

...however, is inspired.

I'll have nightmares for weeks...
One more thought: I don't think you should have posted them all at once. There are too many to look at.
You should be more selective with your choices - only post your best work (unless it's a WIP Thread).
I've NEVER used "erode" or "dilate" in ANY of my pictures. Also (as i pointed out already) i'm using a crappy old Paint Shop programme thats a few years old and it doesn't have a bunch of effects for me to use even if i wanted to.

Like i said, i'm not trying to make them look like photo-realistic manips. I'm deliberately trying to make them look more like paintings.

I know there are a helluva lot to look at and i'm sorry for that, but this is like a quarter of all the stuff i've done, so i already did cut out a LOT of stuff.
Like I said, they are some of the best I've seen. I've just looked through them again. Crispin Glover as the Joker is an interesting idea. Never before has the Clown Prince of Crime looked so melancholy. Very nice.
The David Lynch type retro ones are awesome. Great work, overall.
DarkKnightJRK said:

If it's Batman, then why does he have an \S/ shield?

Because LIKE I SAID the pic is NOT FINISHED YET.

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