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Pseudo Duplicate

Master Chief

Jul 18, 2003
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Who's your clone!?

Like. I'm pretty sure if my buddy got spray-on tan and wore cargo pants and a t-shirt he could pass off as me for a day.

But. Frik. My hair is unique in its ownway and my build is too bulky.

I don't have one, do you have one? yez. Picz plz especially if celebsare your lookalik.

That was e:dbz:.
meh...I find some pics of Chad Kroeger looks like me when he has a serious face...his smile is too goofy for me though.....

But I have also been told James Hetfield and Mark Steven Johnson...also Gavin and Brandon Lee in my younger years when I had long hair.....
i was compared alot to skeet ulrich when scream came out , i was around fifteen or sixteen at the time but it had alot to do with me having the same hairstyle.
Drew Carrey. Jack Black I am told. Of course if i made there bucks i wouldnt have to worry about myself. I would have someone else do it for me.
A cross between goatee-less Ricky Gervais and Jeb Bush.

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