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Q: What if the President or one of the contenders is a Skrull?


Mar 17, 2006
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I was just flipping through Richard Condon's "The Manchurian Candidate" in a second hand bookshop last Thursday when it occurred to me vis a vis "Secret Invasion"- what if the President or one of the candidates from either party( for the sake of objectivity) is a Skrull- and doesn't even know it(he or she could have been brainwashed to sincerely believe themselves to be human-just as Lyja was in re Alicia Masters)? The most effective agent as intelligence services agree is one that doesn't even know that he or she IS an agent!
And never mind the President or his wannabe successors -how many Skrull "moles" are in place within the ranks of the FBI, CIA, all five branches of the US military( Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard), to say nothing of the superhero community( I now suspect that the Skrulls encouraged the recent "Civil War" as a way of dividing and weakening the ranks of Earth's superhero community-yes there are other societies with superheroes-but America's are primus inter pares- the most influential and powerful. The possiblity that the Skrull Empire's undercover agents were responsible no matter how distantly for the assasination of Captain America doesn't strike me as being a contingent we could rule out of hand)?

A society where everybody suspects even his/her neighbours /family members of being disguised aliens would be much easier to conquer.

Does anybody think as I do?

The Skrull's already tried that.
i see you logic in re the civil war
Well, now that Spidey's back circa 1970, Marvel too.
The Skrull's already tried that.

And the government already tried passing an SHRA, until Reed Richards showed up in Congress to explain why it was such a bad idea.

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