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Question about Kurt Kobain!


Jul 15, 2012
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Why did he kill himself? I saw a story about him on a TV show, and it said he was depressed because he hated being famous. Why would he hate being famous? I mean, if I was famous, to me it would be the GREATEST thing that ever happened to me, and I would embrace it. But he killed himself. Why would he hate his famous musical life?

Can someone explain this to me?
Drugs and depression can be a terrible mix. I can speak to the depression part, no matter how good things are in your life if you suffer from depression you will find something to be depressed about. It's like a sickness that can't be cured, only treated. I can't even begin to imagine how much worse depression can be with the inclusion of narcotics. I imagine it only increased the self loathing.
drugs played a role. also, there are A LOT of downsides to being famous. everyone wants a piece of you and everyone has expectations of you and everyone is always critical of you, constantly judging you. its not an easy thing to acclimate to. and to suddenly be a victim of all that when you didnt want fame in the first place....ugh.
There is a price to fame. I feel like there are some (not trying to be condescending to the thread starter, btw) that don't realize that life will never be the same once you become famous like Kurt Cobain became. Simply walking into the grocery store to buy food or even checking your mail at the mailbox becomes a hassle. Privacy and anonymity are things famous celebrities lose that we thankfully have everyday.

I'm not saying Kurt Cobain is an innocent soul. Not only did he do drugs (either because it was his way to cope with the downside of his celebrity status or because he tried it once and got hooked) but he knew what he was doing while he was climbing the celebrity ladder. He wasn't forced to become a celebrity. Ultimately, it was unfortunate for his ass that he decided to commit suicide.
in truth Kurt took alot of events in his youth very hard and turned to music and drugs as kinda a way to escape the depression. When he did hit it big it did not feel like it was about the music anymore, but mostly just about him and his personal life. He found it hard to adjust to it and when ever you are labeled voice of a generation it is hard to live up to it. He also self medicated himself with drugs due to extreme stomach pains to the point where it was painful for him to go on stage. Sometimes its not about the fame, its about making music and when the fame gets in the way of your joy in doing that then you can really loose a part of yourself.
I know this is a crazy conspiracy theory, but I read an article saying how Kurt Cobain being a left handed guitarist (even though he was right handed) caused his severe stomach pain. I guess we'll never know.
No one will ever know for sure.

But money and fame isn't everything. Especially when the main message of your music is anti-establishment.

Unless you truly sell out then all you care about is more money.
I can't really imagine a guy like Kurt Cobain embracing the limelight. From what I've read, he was a really good kid. He just hit a lot of bumpy roads and hooked onto drugs.

And there is a common misconception that Kurt Cobain didnt want to be famous. He did want to be famous, not as famous as he got obviously, but he signed to a major label after shopping around at a bunch of other major labels that were interested in Nirvana after they released their first album on Sub Pop- a label that many grunge bands of the time got signed to.

Anyways, Kurt wanted to be famous just not to the extent that he became. He became an icon, people were obsessed with him, and he didnt feel safe so he bought guns.

He felt a lot of pressure from his wife, especially after he dropped their infant daughter on heroin once. She never let him forget about that, and they were both doing heroin before and after their daughter Frances was born.

He also felt a lot of pressure from his band mates and his record label to make more music and play more shows, and basically just to make more money. He felt like everyone wanted a piece of him, and they did, and thats hard for a somewhat shy person to take in.

He never fully learned how to adjust to rockstar life because it basically happened overnight after Smells Like Teen Spirit hit big. He had already struggled with heroin before it released, and was depressed most of his life beginning when his parents divorced when he was young.

He used the heroin to cure an intense undiagnosed stomach pain Kurt dealt with, it would get exceptionally painful on long tours.

I think his struggles with heroin and depression at a young age paired with his inability to cope with the stress of the pressure put on him by his wife, band, and record label, & also his inability to cope with his overnight rockstar status combined was what caused Kurt Cobain to kill himself.

I think Courtney Love has become a crazy ***** recently, but Ive always liked her music (Live Through This is one of my favorite albums of all time)and still respect old Courtney and dont think she killed him.
^ Great response, from, who I'm guessing, is a big Nirvana fan :up:
Depression is the worst feeling ever next to actually being sick with a terminal disease.

I get depressed. There hasn't been a day in years that I haven't thought of my own death. A lot of times I wish I was dead because I'm always alone. I'd imagine that depression and the types of drugs he was using are a terrible mix. Its too bad. His music is great. But its kind of a double edged sword. What made his music really awesome to me was the pain behind it. You can just feel the pain in his voice... But that's why I love it. It's kind of screwed up when I think about it.

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