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Question for applying into college

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Apr 30, 2006
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I know that most colleges end your application dead lines around January or so. I did moderately well in high school, but my problem is that I never tried 100%. This year, since I am on chopping block, I need senior year to fully max out my high school gpa, as well as doing more extra-curricular activities. Basically, senior year is very crucial to me, and I can not really apply in January without finishing it.

I need advice. :csad:

What do I do?
Are there any alternatives to not applying for a university by January?
i wouldn't trip over it, getting into college is not as hard as high school brainwashed you into thinking. not really understanding what you are asking, but theres always community college to pad your credits and credentials. transfer students are let in easier than just straight out of high school students.
Are your first-semester grades okay? Usually colleges will see that you've improved recently and take that into account..

Unfortunately, second semester senior year is known as the "slacker semester," since colleges won't see your final grades until they've already accepted you. I had classmates who busted their asses for all of HS and then said, "Eh, screw it" their last semester and did just enough not to get D's. (Schools are able to renege their acceptance if you get D's and F's your last semester. Our admissions offices told us horror stories about that...)

Of course there are alternatives. There are universities which have rolling admissions, which means you can apply at any time and they'll take you as they see fit. These aren't the top universities of course, but it's a start.

You could also take classes at a community college after your HS graduation to boost your GPA, and then transfer to a 4-year uni. I had a friend in HS who did that - in CA if you work hard, you can transfer from a community college to a renowned UC, and she managed to get into UC Davis in the biological sciences, which is nothing to sneeze at. If you're willing to put in the time and effort, and you REALLY want to go to a 4-year school, this is what I'd recommend.

Or else you could take a gap year and do something between HS and college, and apply next year. There are lots of possibilities.
For the most part, colleges just look at your sophomore and junior year of HS. I'm sure they notice improvement as well though.
I applyed in January of my senior year, after working my ass off for the first semester of the year, and the school let me in due to my improvement. Just work your ass off, and things'll work out.
If you're trying to get a scholarship or something, you're likely screwed, but unless you're wanting to get into an Ivy League school or something, you'll be fine.

You'll be in more difficultly if you miss the application deadline.
It's really not that hard to get into college. Just make sure that your application essay is solid. Even if you don't have a lot of extracurriculars play up the importance of what you have done.

Don't slack off second semester senior year, though. A lot of universities are going to the policy that if you really fall of the wagon your last semester they'll take back their offer of admission.

And not all universites have a January deadline. Some have fall deadlines (fancy-pants Ivy League schools) and other less commonly applied to schools will let you apply clear into July and August. Look into deadlines for all the schools you're applying to.
It depends I think. If you are applying to be a math major, and your health grades suck, I don't think it will matter.

But yes, High school does make it out like College is impossible to get into. But it's really not.

I had average grades for most of HS, and no extra curriculars. But I got in just fine... Though I applied to Art school... Oh well, advice is advice.
Your senior year grades aren't going to matter much, plus I think a college would see though all the clubs/sports you joined senior year as total application pading. That being said, I was a fairly average student and applied to 4 private schools and was accepted at every one. Also the quality of school you attended will mean something, if you're an average student at a good school you'll be in good shape. What type of schools are you looking at public/state schools, in state or out of state, private schools? You probably don't want to wait until the last minute to apply though, I got most of my acceptance letters in January or February.

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