Race War Continues Here In L.a.(3 Innocent Victims Now)


Nov 27, 2006
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http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/local&id=5925806 By Leo Stallworth

MONROVIA (KABC) -- The peace of Monrovia has been shattered by a string of apparently racially motivated, suspected gang killings. Some residents of the quiet foothill community are now ready to leave.

Even though authorities have doubled their efforts on the streets of Monrovia to deal with a racially charged gang feud, Tuesday night another fatal shooting occurred in the area.

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Lee was the third person killed in January in a racially charged feud between a black gang and a Latino gang in Monrovia.

Family members of Lee's tell Eyewitness News that a Latino gang member shot Lee as he was getting out of his car to go to his uncle's home Tuesday night just before 8 on the 400 block of Almond and Monrovia.
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Residents in the area say enough is enough.

"Who's going to be next?" asked Monrovia resident Mildred Delvalle. "We've been telling our kids to stay inside the house, not to go out, not to walk in groups."

"Tomorrow, who will it be?" said Monrovia resident Nelly Cruz. "We're scared for our family, for our neighbors, because there's no more security. It's no way to live."

Police say the shooting happened about two blocks away from where officers were raiding the home of an elderly man who was shot to death by Hispanic gang members two weeks ago.

Authorities say they took weapons from the home that they believe could be connected to several gang-related shootings in the area.

Detectives say they arrested two of the elderly victim's nephews. Both are charged with attempted murder in a violent crime authorities won't talk about.

Investigators say Saturday night black gang members walked up to 16-year-old Samantha Salas and shot her dead and injured her friend on the 2500 block of Peck Road in unincorporated Monrovia.

"It was interesting that the local Sheriff and police were saying that we should remember it's not race on race, Hispanic against African-American, but that it appears to be the gangs that obviously are made up racially," said Monrovia resident Micki Webb. "It's not as random as it seems."

Authorities say a gang unit with the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has teamed up with the Monrovia Police Dept. to target the problem and root it out. Residents say they hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Authorities need the public's help catching suspects by calling L.A. County Homicide detectives at (323) 890-5500.
Someone on here said we should declare war on gang members. I'm starting to agree with them.
Someone on here said we should declare war on gang members. I'm starting to agree with them.
Im with that. Monrovia used to be such a nice neighborhood, I had a friend who used to live there, thank god he doesnt now.
Gang culture is such a sham and a shame. I truly feel sorry for the kids that get sucked into it. There are absolutely no winners when things like this start happening. I hope someone with some influence comes to their senses and brings a "cease fire" to the forefront with these gang-bangers.

Someone on here said we should declare war on gang members. I'm starting to agree with them.
Me too, but I feel like it would just be a losing battle. What, do these gangs just look for nice places to start some **** in; the nicer the better?
Gangs are so 90's. This gives LA a bad name.
That article is very misleading. I ****ing doubt an "Elderly-man" was a part of a ****ing gang. Also, another one the victoms was a 10 year old girl, who wasn't involved in gangs. This is another example of illegals trying to move Blacks out of their own ****ing country. If they stay in mexico they wouldn't have worry about sharing neighborhoods with blacks!
Wow. I always thought blacks and spanish people often saw themselves as equal. The only person that wins this war is the white man. Just go in with all guns blazing and let God sort them out.

Seriously, this is dumb as hell.

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