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RATE the SIGNATURE above you

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I don't understand either of the clubs you're in. I do like that you're listing what you've watched so far for the year. All I'd have is 27 Dresses :(
i think its apt that poetic chaos' sig is quite poetic in its own right

LV's is nothing as his sig suggests. Is that the Torchwood theme typed out?

LV's is nothing as his sig suggests. Is that the Torchwood theme typed out?

i'm atleast better than hitler...and it's the sound of drums...

also 2/5 to much pimping of self...

well, 3/5 cause Sound of the Drums was good..
and I don't pimp myself, I ****e myself.
Awesome that you have links to all your pages.
3/5. I don't care what movies you're interested in. But it's a very practical reminder of what I should be looking for at the multi-plex, so I gave it a 3.
2/5 The Joker quote is overdone and I know what nemesis means
Its very vibrant and distracting.
I also believe in Harvey Dent.
And the quote made me laugh [yes, I went and looked at the thread]
4/5. You can't deny the Doom!
Doom is the ****. The narration and scene had my heart pounding.

To go out of your way to show/teach people about Fairtax...hell taxes alone deserves 6/5 imo
3/5 for the Joker quote. - 2 for the Panettiere patrol
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