Remember Legends of the Hidden Temple?

LOTHT was great. I used to scream at the TV when they were in the temple and going the wrong way.
I watched it for the first time in a while last night, I love it :O

I got GAS a couple of days ago in some cable package, and I also have Figure it Out with Summer Sanders........what a babe :)
It was a stupid show, but atleast it was entertaining. Not like anything today.
i used to love that show!!!!!!!!!

what the hell happened to nickelodeon?? they suck soo bad now
i miss double dare and that other mark sanders show
I watch GAS way too much, including this show. Although Figure it Out is still the best.

Actually, it was Marc Summers, and What Would You Do? was a great show when I was a kid. Used to watch that and Wild & Crazy kids nonstop.
Back in the Golden Age of Television.
I still watch that show once in a while on G.A.S.
Oh I used to watch that all the time!I would always root for the silver monkeys and purple parrots!and the host was so cute:D
how come nobodys jumped at the chance to scream wrong forum :confused:
omg hawtsecks


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