Nov 29, 2009
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Keanu Reeves Doubles Down on Sci-Fi Thriller Replicas

Source: Variety
October 28, 2014

Keanu Reeves is poised for a major comeback following the relative success of his action-thriller John Wick this past weekend. While we may be waiting a bit longer or his long-in-development sci-fi drama Passengers, he's just signed onto a new sci-fi thriller called Replicas.

In the project based on a treatment from Reeves and John Wick and Passengers producer Stephen Hamel, Reeves will play a neuroscientist whose family is killed in a traffic accident so he uses his knowledge to try to bring them back, going up against the government, the police and the laws of science.

Produced by Lotus Entertainment and Bonaventura Pictures (the production company for Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who was head of production at Warner Bros. during "The Matrix Trilogy" years and producer on Constantine), the film will be directed by Tanya Wexler (Hysteria) from a screenplay by Chad St. Johnson.

Plans are to try and find a buyer at the upcoming AFM (American Film Market) in Los Angeles and start filming it in the spring.

DiBonaventura had this to say in the press release:

�From my experience working with Keanu on �The Matrix� franchise through our collaboration on �Constantine,� I have always been impressed by Keanu�s ability to bring a genuine level of humanity to the sci-fi genre through his performance. I am looking forward to collaborating with Keanu once again on this unique take on what lengths a person will go to alter the past, and the implications of those actions.�
Dark future-shock thriller Replicas starring Keanu Reeves finally in production

Although announced back on October 28, 2014, the dystopian sci-fi shocker Replicas – starring The Matrix and John Wick legend Keanu Reeves – seemed to have vanished, apparently the victim of faulty financing or some other cinematic headache. Now, nearly two years later, whatever ailed Replicas has been remedied as Remstar Studios announced today that they are co-financing the film with UK-based Riverstone Pictures.

Replicas is currently in production in Puerto Rico where principal photography began on August 10. The visual effects for the film will be created in Montreal, lead by Quebec-based CineSite and other visual effects houses.

Written by Chad St. John (London Has Fallen) and directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor), Replicas is produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, former President of Worldwide Production at Warner Bros., where the veteran producer shepherded The Matrix trilogy with Keanu Reeves, as well as producing Transformers, Constantine and RED. Luis Riefkohl (Welcome to the Jungle) and Stephen Hamel (John Wick, Passengers) are also producing.
Maxime Rémillard and Clark Peterson from Remstar Studios are executive producers alongside Riverstone’s Nik Bower (Selma, Suffragette) and Deepak Nayar (Dredd, The Good Lie), Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel (The Grey, Jobs), and Jim Dodson and Walter Josten of Blue Rider Pictures. Lotus Entertainment is serving as the international sales agent.
Here’s the official synopsis: In Replicas, Reeves plays a scientist who, after losing his family in a horrific car accident, struggles to bring his wife and kids back to life by cloning them. When a ruthless corporation discovers their existence and calls for their destruction, he must protect their lives at all cost.
More on the film as we get it.
Looks like one of his mid 90's sci-fi films, and also looks like it's been done a thousand times before also, but given it's KR, I'd want to see it.

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