Nov 28, 2004
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I will begin this shortly. It will be a psychological thriller. Enjoy...... if you dare.
Night. Winter. A snowblower finishes filling up a truck. The truck leaves as the snowblower turns off.

The lone occupant of the snowblower, Jim, grabs his dinner in a paper bag and begins going through it.

"What did you pack me tonight?"

A black car drives past the snowblower in the opposite lane. Jim looks at it.

"What are you doing out here in nowhere land?"

Jim chuckles a bit as he continues to go through his dinner and begins eating it.

A sudden sound of footsteps is heard outside. This captures Jim's attention.

"What the....."

More footsteps are heard coming from the back of the snowblower.

"Who is that?"

Jim gets out and begins walking to the back of the snowblower.

As he gets to the back, he notices footprints in the snow that lead back around to the front on the other side of the snowblower. He begins turning around calling out:

"Okay, who's there?"

As he continues turning around, a man with a bushy beard and mustache and long black hair and dressed in black, comes rushing up to him and hits him in the legs with a baseball bat.

Jim cries out and goes down hard.

He tries to get back up but falls back down. He looks back up to the man.

"You.... you broke my legs!"

The man looks at Jim a bit, then drops the bat and grabs Jim, now pulling him to the front of the snowblower by the blades. The man then hits him in the head stunning him.

The man goes into the snowblower and turns it on.

As the blades begin to spin faster and faster, Jim comes to and realizes what's going on. He fills with fear as he looks at the blades and tries to get up again, but falls back down.

The snowblower begins moving forward and towards Jim, the blades getting ever closer.

Jim begins crawling away, but realizes it's too late. He covers up, lets out a big cry.... and then as the snowblower goes through him..... the loud cry stops.

The snowblower turns off.

The man gets out, walks down the street a bit and into the same black car that drove by earlier. The car turns on and drives away.

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