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Iron Man 2 Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 2

On the way the suit has been improved from the first film:

Everything has been improved. Everything is ergonomic and the story is incredibly risky and artistic for a big genre movie.


You the dude Chewy, right on
Remember when filming began and word leaked that Gary Shandling was in the film and no one was really sure what part he played? Robert told us about the first day of filming and how Gary plays a Senator:

Robert: Day one I’m doing a Senate hearing where the government is saying the Iron Man tech needs to be turned over to the Senator and the Senator is Gary Shandling. And we had this fantastic day that was somehow this controlled chaos of a Senate hearing where I keep interrupting them and dah dah dah.

Here's hoping he tells Shandling to eat **** and die.

"You can pry my Iron Man armor from my cold, dead hands"
I'm glad to see RDJ having such enthusiasm for IM2. I'm sure he & the rest will deliver a quality film.
I'm am stoked for that scene with Stark in front of a bunch of senators grilling him on Stark tech and Stark being Stark and acting like it's a huge waste of time and making a joke out of it.
I'm very encouraged by all this news, and I'm glad everyone is so excited and invested in this material. I'm a bit . . . curious, slightly concerned about some of the comments. But I trust they will make the right decisions. I mean, this is the middle movie, so logic dictates it should be at least as good as or better than the first one. Its not until the third movie that it gets a little weak . . . unless its the Bourne franchise :D .

I hope we get some Scarlett training vids :D .
My God, that senate scene sounds fantastic. It could be funny as hell. I can just imagine RBJ doing something like that as Stark.

Man oh man. We couldn't of gotten anyone else more perfect for this role.
Wow, what an awesome interview! That senate scene sounds fantastic! As Doctor Jones said, I can really picture RDJ doing something very funny as Stark in that scene. :up:
I can just see Stark cutting off the senators or interupting them. Maybe lighting a cigar or arriving late. He just treats it like a waste of time like a delinquit in school or something.

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