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Mar 7, 2005
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Ok folks, I'm hoping to get a decent response on this. I'm debating whether or not to sell my Marvel Legends MOC collection. It's a pretty substantial one. This is an "inquiry sale". I'm trying to see how many people would be interested in buying stuff and if it'd be worth it for me. Basically, what I'm asking is for you guys to say what figures you would want and what you'd be willing to pay. Keep in mind the majority of the variants, if not all of them, were purchased at prices anywhere from 2 times to 4 or even 5 times more than retail. (figure retail is 8 bucks, my variant green goblin was purchased for $24)

If you guys help me out on this, I'll post my for sale thread here first, before anywhere else, and give you all some decent deals. So, here we go.

Spider-Man 2:
Doc Ock

F4 Movie:
Clear Sue
Phasing Sue

Ape face Beast
Ultimate Iceman
White Storm

Spider-Man Classics:
Metal Scorp
Reg Scorp
Buzzing Beetle
McF Spidey

Marvel Legends:

Series 1:
Gold Foil Captain America
Gold Foil Iron Man

Series 2:
Doctor Doom

Series 3:

Series 5:

Series 6:
Variant Cable, bi-lingual packaging
Dark Phoenix
Juggernaut, bi-lingual packaging
Punisher, autographed by Thomas Jane

Series 7:
Phasing Ghost Rider

Series 8:
Ultimate Captain America
Classic Captain America

Series 9:
FA Hulk, Green Variant
Bullseye, Grinning Variant

Series 10:
Cyclops, X-Factor Variant, bi-lingual packaging

Series 11:
Wonder Man
Wonder Man, Ionic Variant
Hulk Buster Iron Man

Series 12:
Bishop, Bald Variant
Wolverine, unmasked variant

Series 13:
Green Goblin, unmasked variant

Giant Man Series:
Sentry, regular mustard
Sentry, bearded mustard
Sentry, regular lemon
Sentry, bearded lemon

Series 15
Spider-Woman, black variant
Thorbuster Iron Man
Captain Marvel, clear variant
Wasp, red variant
Moon Knight

Note that this is just for inquiry purposes only. There is no guarantee that I'll be selling this stuff, but if more people help me out, then the better chance I'll have of selling.
I'm interested in those, but can't think of a price yet. I'll post one later.

Marvel Legends:

Series 3:

Series 6:
Dark Phoenix
Punisher, autographed by Thomas Jane

Series 7:

Series 13:
Green Goblin, unmasked variant
hmmm im interested in red wasp... as well as a beared sentry... couldnt trade ya though :(
not looking to trade, i need to sell. I'm heavily debating to get rid of the majority of my collection. I need the money and the space.
hmmm ok.. well im very interested in those but i wont have money for a week or 2..
i'd be interested in series 1 ironman. maybe phasing ghost rider too depending on how much. that's all i'd personally be interested in though. i would have wanted destroyer before though.
I might be interested in getting series 7 Apocalypse, most I'd want to spend on it is $20. Would want Dark Phoenix too, but doubt I have enough money to get her right now.
hmmm ok.. well im very interested in those but i wont have money for a week or 2..

I ain't selling anything yet. I'm just seeing what people would be interested in and if it'd be something I could make some money back by doing.
Hmmm.. This didn't go like I thought. Looks like it's gonna be ebay for the majority of this stuff.
Pretty much considering selling almost everything except ML6, 7, and maybe a few others.
Damn. Thats pretty f***in' serious.

Well, I dont mean to be jumping the gun but whenever you get to having a list of stuff you wanna let go just LMK. I'm sure there's a few things I could take off your hands, but only if you wanna go through with this.
Well, the only figures that really mean a lot to me are ML6, ML7, ML10 Cyke variant, and one Sentry variant figure (gf got it for me).

Then I gotta go through everything else.
Well, I'm here for you for support bro. I'm probably the only guy here thats significantly downloaded figs this past year so I can help you go through with it if you're serious. Main thing I gotta say is just pull out everything of one particular brand and give yourself a number to keep.

For instance, I took out all MLish figs (which were MLs, some Marvel movie figs and other figs from the X-Men and SMC brands) and I told myself "pick out the 20 you want starting with your most coveted" and I went from there. (I started with Deadpool :D ) Anyway, I boxed everything else up until my bud could take pics. Alot of them were traded away to help build my Sentinel army and alot were sold. I still have just a few but I was able to do it.
But I just don't know what to pick. Some stuff doesn't bother me if it's in storage. Once I get the space and the ability, I do want to make a decent if not permanent display. But hell, I don't need more of anything. And I need less of a lot.
Just do it by brand bro. That way you have your mind set on that one brand and can weed them out. Like I did with the MLs. I just focused on those, decided on the few I wanted for sure and got rid of the others.

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