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Ncrawler333s Haves/Wants Thread


Mar 23, 2004
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ML9 Variant Bullseye(MOC)

FFC2 figures are in non-mint packaging
FFC2 Invisible Woman clear variant
FFC2 Johnny Storm
FFC2 Thing

XMC Sabretooth

BAF pieces:
Giant Man left arm
Mojo piece that comes with Luke Cage
Onslaught leg(the one that comes with Green Goblin)
MODOK Head, legs, control base, and right arm

After I get my package from SsM I will have all of the pieces needed to build a blue Apocalypse, so I will hopefully have that up for trade soon.

Marvel Hereos Mini statues:
Will trade any 4 listed below for Captain America mini statue
Blade (x2)
Elektra(x2)(1 pending)

ML6 Dark Phoenix variant(can be loose or MOC)
ML7 Apocalypse(can be loose or MOC)
ML8 Blonde Black Widow variant(can be loose or MOC)
ML12 Wolverine variant(with blue apocalypse piece)

Sentinel pieces(all except the piece that Omega Red/Mystique come with)

Superhero Showdown:
Series 2:
Captain America(pending)
Iron Man
Dr. Doom
Human Torch

Series 3:

Series 4:

2-packs and vehicle wave:
Mr. Fantastic/Moleman
Namor with shark
Ghost Rider with Hellcycle(pending)


Marvel Heroes mini statues:
Captain America

Family Guy:
Series 2 Quagmire(will take loose as long as I get all accessories with it)
Series 2 Death(will take loose as long as I get all accessories with it)

Star Wars(can be loose, need all accessories):
Coleman Trebor
Ephant Mon
i got MFF namor. i offered it to FTB already. but his slack *** hasn't responded :). But have no fear, for i have another one with my name on it. I got a buddy who offered me another one. so if you want it, you got first dibs.
no prob. let me know what you have for trade. if you have a ML i want or something, i throw in some money to make the deal better for you.
i might be interested in variant bullseye, but i'm not that interested. i'd take it if that's all you had to offer though maybe. just PM me to let me know when you update your list.
Ok, I will. I should have more stuff added to the list tomorrow night, so I'll pm you then.
sounds good. just hope all the good stuff doesn't get dibs before get a chance to first. i also got the mystery blade, NC, and mr. fantastic if your interested. but of course, if you get the ones you saw in the stores then that means more cards for me which i can't complain about. but if you had trouble finding them and still wanted them later then i could help you out on them.
Not interested in Mr. Fantastic, and I saw mystery Blade and Nightcrawler in K-Mart the other day. I might go back next week and get them for trades, but I'm not sure yet whether I want to or not. If I do get them, I give you the cards that come with them.

Oh, and I may buy Hulk and the all of the non-mystery figures from series 2 I need next week, so I'll probably be sending you a bunch of cards then.

I'm heading to bed. I got an 11 hour shift tomorrow at work, so I need to get some rest.
sounds good man. just thought i'd make the offer. i'm gonna head to bed too.
Added some more Star Wars stuff onto the list. Might add more stuff on tomorrow, still got to go through all of my stuff.
as far as star wars stuff goes. i'd be good for some stormtroopers, scout troopers, rebel soldiers like endor and hoth ones, and x-wing/y-wing pilots.
I may have an extra endor rebel trooper. not sure though. The only other generic army figure i think I have is the coruscant royal guard.
Updated my list. Star Wars stuff I have will probably be put on ebay once I get back from Las Vegas.
Updated my list, took Namor off from my wants and added 5 MFF figures. Going back to college in two weeks, would like to trade Sentry and Bullseye before then. Willing to trade Sentry for 2 or 3 MFF figures, and Bullseye for 2.
I want a Namor MFF....I love namor....I am 10 times the namor fan that Ncrawler is......

I have some of your wants.....but don;t need any of your haves.
I have an extra Sinister 6 box set Black Cat going if you're interested.
I'll definitely take her. I'd be willing to give you both Sentry and Bullseye for her, or I'd be willing to pay $15-$20 + shipping for her.

Oh, and if you have an extra boxset Electro I'd also be willing to trade/buy for him too.
I do indeed. You're welcome to him too dude.

Let's sort this deal out in PM now me thinks. :up:
Whats wrong with you Rough?? You need Namor too??
Ncrawler333 said:
I'll definitely take her. I'd be willing to give you both Sentry and Bullseye for her, or I'd be willing to pay $15-$20 + shipping for her.

Oh, and if you have an extra boxset Electro I'd also be willing to trade/buy for him too.

holy crap 0.o... I think saint gave me his SS boxset black cat for like 5 bucks 0.o
It usually sells for at least $15 on ebay, so I figured that's what it was worth.
Hey, thats a deal between you two. Don't worry what we have to say Nc333
I was just commenting on what a deal I mustve gotten :p

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