Santa's "Ho ho ho" offensive to women?

Oh for godsakes. Or should I say...HO...for godsakes. :cwink:
Why would Australians worry about a tired American urban slang word?
It's about time someone cut that woman hating Santa down to size.
Ridiculous. It shouldnt be offensive unless its directed it at you. And if she feels like its directed to her, then well. If it walks and talks like a duck.
Well, you rarely see Mrs. Claus. He's keeping her barefoot and pregnant, churning out elves for slave labor.
That's so silly, it's obvious that Santa uses it in a different context.
Ha ha ha instead of Ho ho ho? No no no!

Well, I would say that kids don't even know that there is another usage "ho," but nowadays, I'm not quite so sure...
The global level of PC is becoming stifling and suffocating. :down

"What do you want for Chritmas little boy"
"A red rider bb-gun"
"Ha, ha, ha, I'll be sure to get for you"

Yeah, that sounds much better.
People are way too sensitive.

This touchy-feely crap needs to end.

I think crackers should all be called "Dried Pieces of Bread with Salt" because I'm white and cracker can be used as a racist term to be used against me.

But then all the saltwater animals would be offended because we're trivialising the substance they need to survive :(
right play them at there own game, if he says ha ha ha, therefore he's laughing at people and lowering there self-esteem


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