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Sequels Scarlet Spider Movie Style


Apr 18, 2006
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After watching movies one and two ive allways wondered if anyone did a movie style design of scarlet spider, if anyone has any please post id love to see them, i had an idea for one using the print method of spiderman 2 an all red suit, keep just the spiders from the front and back and add them but both in black. any one else have any ideas for a movie styled suit ?
no professional artists did but ill actually get to work on one -- that sounds cool
cool id love to see any designs, like an artist interpretation on what scarlet spider would look like in the movies
here is one i spruced up from an old comic design i reckon it would fit perfect for scarlet spider if he went movie styled
yeah thats sweet

im almost done with the one im doing free hand.
There was a damn good one in a manip thread. I'll start looking.
Geh, I can't find it. Rest assured, it was awesome.
the one above isnt my design really its one they where going to use for scarlet spider i just spruced it up with colour
Rez if these are the ones you were thinking of, they were in the Reilly thread


the one on top isnt bad. I've never liked the sweatshirt look entirely though.
Orlando Spider said:
Reminds me alot of the new iron spiderman design.

check out my "iron spidey before iron spidey" thread in the spider-man comic forum. I have this plus a couple of other images.
That would be different, which is cool. In every movie I think Spidey should wear a different suit. Like in Spiderman 3, he'lll wear black. In Spiderman 4 he should have a Scarlet Spider suit and so on (etc.).
anyone else have any designs of there own for a scarlet spider movie style ?

Absolutely awesome! One of my favorite spidey costumes and it looks flawless there!

Excellent Scarlet Spider (my favorite Spidey costume/character). However, the blue shirt looks a little too neat. It would look better torn and worn. And the eyes should definitely be larger and longer.
i have one, i need to scan it into my computer though

its like the sweatshirt one except i figured that rami would toy with it a little so i have him in a leather jacket.
My take on a movie version of Scarlet Spider

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