shame on you spiderman and batman

HAHA, the police get to question Batman.
Funny, but also sad.

That punk-looking guy might have deserved it, but all those idiots who dress up as well-known characters and roam around Hollywood Blvd (or wherever) looking for paid photos really need to watch how they behave when in costume.
this is a great irony posuers attacking posuers
Geeze, I thought Spider-Man got rid of the black suit!
LOL, I love the part where Spider-Man stops beating on fatty and then stomps his feet, "MOTHER****ER!"

"OK, that's enough. Enough! The police are on their way, Batman! That's enough."
I love how, when Spider-Man is beating the guy no one says anything but when Batman begins the beat down they shout things like the cops are on the way, stop it batman, stop!

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