Hype Survivor SHH Survivor 22: Lollipops and Handcuffs Day 11 - Not Mee!!! Mii!!!!


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Sep 28, 2004
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Oh Frannie Fran, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. There's always next time. Fran becomes the first Jury Member.

The Players

Deep Thinkin'!
The Original Bamfer

The Jury
Fran - Day 10

Movies205/Tron5000 - Day 2
Scarlet Spidey/Matt - Day 3
Cowleen/knowsbleed - Day 4
Monster/Chaseter - Day 5
KALEL114/TV's Frank - Day 6
Badger/Avangarde X - Day 7
Dr. Watson/Ahura Mazda - Day 8
JStorm -Day 9

THE RULES: (for you lucky non-Survivor fans): The group of 16 to 21 is randomly divided into two tribes of 8 or three tribes of 7. The tribes will receive team challenges (instructions for challenges will be explained for each challenge). Right answers during challenges will obviously earn points and wrong answers will be worth none. The tribe with the most points at the end of the round wins immunity. The tribe with the least points must vote off one of their members via PM. Also, in this game... immunity may be decided by something other than trivia. You will be completely briefed on this before it happens, so don't fret. In the event of any ties, first team with their answers in will win... unless stated differently.

Hype! Survivor is a game of both strategy and deception. Alliances are both permitted, and encouraged. So find a friend, and knock them up pretty good. As a side note: alliances can be with any of the 21 players... doesn't matter who they are... doesn't matter what tribes they're on... just make sure it's someone you trust... or not. As the old saying goes: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

The final Jury will be composed of 7 people (everyone voted off after there are 9 members remaining). The Jury will vote on the final two remaining players to find the winner of the Hype! Survivor.

A note on cheating: It's very easy to cheat in this game. Very, very easy. Some of the rounds will be much more difficult to cheat at than others (some will be downright impossible to cheat on). USE OF THE INTERNET IS FORBIDDEN IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS!! If you feel you have to cheat, by all means, go ahead... but if you're caught, yer out.

This is my game and I maybe switching team members, amending rules and making rules up as I go along. I will promise, why I probably may like some of you more than others, I will be as fair and unbiased as humanly possible. Each one of these games seems to have some sort of controversy. Anyways, this is suppose to be fun, but if there is some crying, b’tching that results so much the better.

Expect PMs a little later this morning.
THIS has an interesting title...are we going to have to be creative again??
I like to give Babs an extreme thank you for helping me with this Challenge.
Hiiiiigh hopes
Brodie's got
hiiiiigh hopes
High apple pie
in the skyyyyy hopes...
I think he wants me to hit him. :up:
I'm a lawyer:huh:

Anyway, I can understand not doing the challenges, they're tough, take time you may not have, but to pointedly ignore the vote out PMs, to go out of your way to not type a one word answer. That's a real ******* move:down:
I'm just saying theres a few people who resemble a few other people enough to make it tough to figure out who their Mii is...
Plus, like anyone believes that you don't' have time to play. You're just being a Mean Manny. For shame:(

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