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Sequels Should Chris Claremont be involved in the next set of X-movies?


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Nov 26, 2003
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Chris is the guy who brought us the new X-Men (Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine etc) in 1975, he is the writer of the original Phoenix saga and many classic storylines. He has his good and bad moments... but he did do some great things in the extended novelisations for X1 and X2.

X1 and X2 had a standard novelisation (which followed the script closely) and an expanded novelisation by Chris (based on the script but adding in a lot more).

Chris knows the X-Men characters inside and out.. all the subtleties of their powers and personalities.

Should he be more closely involved in the movies? As a writer or a consultant on set? I think he should. I had my doubts in the past because a lot of his writing is descriptive prose rather than dialogue... but as a guardian of the X-Men mythology and a supreme knowledge of the characters, he seems to be in a perfect position to advise... Maybe then, there would be characters much closer to the source material, for instance - he'd have an idea how they'd look, what they'd say... what neat little touches could be added in... He'd provide a connection between movie and comic, anchoring the film to its source material as much as was possible to do...
no f***in way. Claremont hasn't done anything good in ages.
not unless the world is ready for X-men: The Bondage Years
But as the creator of Storm, Phoenix, Colossus, Nightcrawler etc... and the writer of the X1 and X2 extended novelisations.. he is in a perfect position to be an adviser. He knows these characters better than anyone.
I think, due to the sheer bulk of history that these characters have, they're are many different interpretations, to which Chris Claremont only has one.

For example. Joss Whedon knows Kitty Pryde inside and out, Chris Claremont knows Kitty Pryde inside and out. But theyre Kitty Prydes are different and Chris's is not necessarily better just because he created her.

I actually think that, at this point, Claremont's intepretations of the characters are dated, and while he created them, a writer with a fresher understanding of the characters would serve as a better advisor.

Millar, Brubaker, Whedon, Morrison or Scott Lobdell.

(I say Lobdell because, while his plots were criticized, i feel he had a very good grasp of characterization and direction for the individual X-Men)

Then again, I could be selling Chris Claremont short. But I feel that if "X-Men: the end" is where he thinks the characters should evolve to, then he is ignoring some of the core elements that these characters have developed since he stopped writing them.
Chris Claremont did NOT create Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, or any of the G-S-X-M crew. That was the team of Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.

If anything, Claremont should be around as a figure head. His current work is flat-out awful.
Correct me if im wrong but he did create Kitty didn't he?

And if not, then he was certainly responsible for shaping her initial persona.
i definatley think co/executive-producer would be a very good title for him, maybe not writer, i agree his work as of late is shakey...but his old stuff dwarfs that wheldon joke and his astonishing xmen...definatley a sinister story line, he could breath the inferno into the writers, that could be cool

yeah, he is arguabley one of the better writers the xmen have had, and has been a creative force behind some of their mainstays, and he should be involved
Sure, his old stuff is good, but you can't go back to the past and pluck the Claremont of then into now and put him on a movie. You have to deal with the here and now.

And his here and now sucks.
20 years ago i would of said yes.....without a doubt

But now a days....no *****ING way....

His more recent stuff hurts the inner depth of my soul.
Cyclops said:
Chris Claremont did NOT create Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, or any of the G-S-X-M crew. That was the team of Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.

If anything, Claremont should be around as a figure head. His current work is flat-out awful.

well to be fair he pretty much wrote the definitive Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Wolverine into the characters we know today. Len Wein wrote them for what, 3 issues, lets give Claremont his due. He wrote them for 17 years and made them who we know today.

But his current work does pretty much suck (its not Austen-bad, but its mediocre).
YES, he should be brought on as an Executive Creative consultant... He developed the team beyond anyone's imagination... team him with someone who sparks him--like Byrne did--- and you'll have magic... most people unedited are less than what they can be...
Keep him in his Stan Lee role


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