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Oct 26, 2002
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On March 5, comic industry legend and current writer of Uncanny X-Men and Excalibur, Chris Claremont, was overcome by exhaustion while attending a conference in Italy.

Thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery and return to the comic industry he helped build.

Chris Claremont is best known for being the definitive X-Men writer and over thirty years later is still writing Uncanny X-Men along with New Excalibur.

After treatment and tests in Italy, Claremont was diagnosed with cardiac stress and last week returned to New York City where he will continue his rehabilitative therapy.

Due to this brief hiatus, Claremont’s newest projects – his taking over Exiles and debuting GeNext – will be pushed back until late in the year when he returns. Claremont will be coming back to the fold soon, and Marvel is pleased to announce that he will be a part of this family for many years to come, as he recently renewed his exclusive contract.

Marvel wishes Claremont a speedy recovery and looks forward to future classic stories from an industry legend.

keep it civil guys....
No need to say "keep it civil". We talk a lot of crap here when we dislike a writer but nobody'd really want harm to come to a writer(Bendis included)
He's created my favorite X-characters, and I hope he gets better. :up:
Claremont's one of my favorites. Wishing him a speedy recovery...
Real bummer. You don't want that happening to anybody, although I'm sure some fanboys on the Internet will be like "oh well Claremont sucks huuurrrrr".

I personally still find some of his stuff entertaining, and all of his stuff up to the early 90's was great.
I'm just curious what they mean by cardiac stress (forgive my ignorance).

Hope he gets better soon.

And Bendis having a heart attack or suddenly losing fine control over his hands...would not bother me. Yes, I am that cold hearted.
Wow, that really does suck. For Chris, for the industry, and for X-readers. I'm sure he has a number of plots written out already but they're going to have to shift gears eventually and bring people in to try and move it along. While I haven't liked a thing he's written in years, I completely understand that there are a ton of people that appriciate his work. Let's just hope he gets better.

And maybe he shouldn't be working on so many titles if he was hospitilized because of stress/exhaustian. Perhaps they should remove him from taking over Exiles and he can just work on his two new projects.

Hell, would anybody miss Exiles if it was exiled? It's gone far, far downhill.
Get well Chris - You're a legend

I think rather than taking on too many projects, he should put all his energies in restoring Uncanny to past glories.
That really really sucks for him, just as we are upon the thing he's been waiting years for - the explanation of Psylockes return!

How meh-ey!

I wonder what's gonna happen now with the whole Betsy/Excalibur/Exiles thing...
He may no be the greatest writer anymore, but he's certainly a class act. I met him in Wizard World Chicago in 2004 and he was schdueled to sign comics for only an hour. He stayed for four. He sat there for four hours, talking to fans, taking pictures with them, and signing boxes of comics. It was just an amazing thing to see someone doing, just to respect his fans.

Agreed. He may be hit or miss nowadays, but Claremont is truly a living legend, and one of the most gracious people in the business. I hope he gets well soon.
Claremont has been given his ticket to Heaven. He is a God among insects. Sure is stuff may not be as good as before, but he deserves respect for what he has done.

Get well soon!
Here's hoping the man who made the X-Men what it is toady gets back on his feet.
As to Claremont’s titles, the announced changes reflect at least partly how Marvel will deal with sabbatical Claremont is taking while he recovers from cardiac stress.

Here is how Diamond has listed the changes…

New Excalibur #7-#8 (MAR062118D/APR062065D, $2.99 ea.; FOC 05/04/06 & 06/01/06) will now be plotted by Chris Claremont and scripted by Frank Tieri.

Uncanny X-Men #472 (FEB062053D, $2.99) & #473 (MAR062124D, $2.99; FOC 04/20/06) will now be plotted by Chris Claremont and scripted by Tony Bedard.

Uncanny X-Men #474 (APR062068D, $2.99; FOC 05/25/06) will now be plotted and scripted by Tony Bedard.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 (APR062069D, $3.99; FOC 06/01/06) will now be co-plotted by Chris Claremont & Tony Bedard and scripted by Bedard
^ that's good to know...but the important thing is for chris to get better.
Magneto put his heart ina magnetic grip, that's the real story! That evil mastermind!!!

But seriously, get better Chris!!!:)
Thats honestly unfortunate.

I can't say I'm a fan of modern Claremont, but this really does not sit well with me. I honestly hope him a speedy, and strong recovery. Even if I don't like his current comics, he still deserves nothing less than what anyone else does, and my best wishes really do go out to the poor guy.
Colossal Spoons said:
No need to say "keep it civil". We talk a lot of crap here when we dislike a writer but nobody'd really want harm to come to a writer(Bendis included)

Well, since it's been bumped anyway, any further news on Chris' condition?
The earliest we can expect anything from him is January.

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