Should Superheroes be political?(assuming they aren't already?)


Mar 17, 2006
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This article was inspired by the response to my post in Super-World noticing that Superman had dropped the phrase "and The American Way"from his slogan. I was widely criticized for approving this move.
I am not suggesting that heroes should run for public office or endorse political candidates( clearly, like the armed forces or the clergy, they should be as much as possible like "Caesar's wife"-above suspicion), but "politics" covers a multitude of sins. When for example, Moon Knight concentrates on street crime rather than would be world conquerors such as Dr.Doom, when groups such as thr Winter Guard or Alpha Flight make decisions to prioritise protecting their native lands (Russia or Canada) as opposed to taking on Thanos,or when Captain America, Thor, or The Fantastic Four overthrow despotic regimes(such as Dr Doom's) they are being explicitly political in making such decisions.
The looming Civil War story line in Marvel suggests that many heroes and heroines will have to stop deluding themselves that what they do is somehow not political at some level!

Anybody think as I do?

PS. Accepting the status quo in a given society is implicitly political too( We would regard as naive to the point of absurdity someone who declined to oppose the Soviet or South African Governments-or even segregation in the Deep South-because" good heaven's that would be POLITICAL!!!")

I was actually going to start a thread on this but I wasn't sure where to start. With the civil war going on right now it only seem logical that super heroes would be involved in politis in some shape or form.

Even if not directly I am sure they would cause much up-roar within the political community. It seems as though IMHO Captain America would be one of the most politically correct and involved super heroes due to his strong patriotism.
My point exactly. When Spider-Man (in one of his few TV appearances) observes that most street crime is committed by poor ghetto dwellers( read:African Americans, Hispanics and poor whites), he is being political(he just chooses not to call it as such).

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