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Should Uno be under FBI investigation?


Jul 20, 2007
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Since it's packed with people doing all sorts of things on camera with dogs and soliciting minors and who knows what else. It's a cess pool.
I freaking want this game being covered by Fox News 24/7. Though in all honesty, after only a few games I had honestly seen several naked people.

All of them fat men. :(
the ****ing hype shoud be


Look at that. Top left corner. How scary is that ad.
If there was even one naked hot woman, Fox would be all over that ****.

Exactly. Whats it rated, E? You've got a bunch of fat ****s flashing their ***** at little kids here, people getting their dogs to "clean up" for them, etc. There's sick **** going on in the land of Uno. Why is that being ignored in favor of a flash of alien breast in Mass Effect?
Some guy sent me a message that said

"loves 8=============>"

Then I got a video chat invite, and obviously, I accepted. But he left :(
Just when I forgot about BYrKee's dog... :(

I'm just glad I didn't have to see it. The poor clones took one more beating for us. :(
Im going to get on after work and jack off on the camera. Want to play, freeman?
Because Mrs. Cooper and Fox News's crack team of reporters love those alien breastesies. :dry:
Guys, you are missing the point. The hype wants to take away my illegal dominican marriage. ****ing assho's.
Next, they'll be after our Russian mail-order brides! Rubbish!

Until one day, you finally realize that you really were just a clone of a clone of that one guy's brother after all.

Wait, Xtro! You used to be a clone! Then you got a very unique personality from GR!
:wow: You're right! GR made me a better man and slightly less clone-ish.

Maybe I should write a testimonial.
I always think that the clones feel undermined by being called clones, but they're all damn good. I love PPP, The Last Meatbag, Klint, Socrates, etc... more than 95% of the people here... I mean, they're like the happy alternative to the more grizzled and bitter DRT types. (Love teh DRT much)
I could go for some of her right about now.
Cookiva making his bones with a nicely photoshopped picture of Jennifer Garner getting ****ed on a couch. It was a nice surprise. But of course, Morg hates vaginas, so here we are.

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