Sim City anyone else looking forward to it?


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Jan 14, 2013
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I don't know if I've become a freak or something. But I really, -really- want to play the new Sim City.

I got into the beta to try out the game, just play around with some mechanics and junk. It was fun, I didn't pay much attention to it. Built up a little town, had some income coming in, built a few... YOUR TIME IS UP? WHAT!? Okay... that's OK, was fun while it lasted.

Exited the game, ended up thinking about it constantly. What if I built a small town USA with just dirt roads? What if I organized my industry in a way that it won't pollute my town? How can I make my roads as efficient as possible?

Logged back in, got depressed that the server status was down due to stability issues. Logged back in after it was fixed, played through the playtime, logged out, logged back in, started a new town again from scratch.

Every time you log out you need to start your sandbox town from the very beginning. Every time I tried different variations, different roads, different layouts, I even attempted to have a huge circular main area. Unfortunately City Hall kept getting placed at a weird angle and I didn't like the aesthetic of it.

Oh man, I can upgrade my clinics? My Schools? You mean I don't have to build new buildings to satisfy demands? I can just upgrade the old ones?

Wait... I can trade with other towns and actually be a goods PROVIDER?

Time ran out again, DANG IT! I almost finished upgrading.

That was my experience with the Sim City beta and I can't wait for the game to come out. Anyone else sick in the head like me or am I the only one?
I'm very much looking forward to it. :up:
Well, glad I'm not alone. But judging by the lack of comments, we may be the only two fans! :D
I got in the beta. It's a small city size but really fun!
Yeah the small city size and lack of terraforming was disappointing. I mean it's REALLY small, but yeah, somehow that game still manages to be fun.
I had an entire city with just dirt roads. The city buildings like that was just awesome looking.
i played a ton of Sim City 4 so you bet i'm looking forward to the new one
Compared to Sim City 4, this game looks like a great improvement. The regional city stuff is really awesome too.
Yeah, I'm also looking forward to this game as well as ArcheAge. It is a sandbox type of mmo. I can also build houses just like in Sim City. :yay:
I'm also looking forward to SimCity. I've seen some previews. Can't wait.
I actually think it would a fun little game to get into.
I only have a 3MBPS download speed so I am currently downloading now.
Anyone want to start a region together?
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I didn't even realize this game was coming out until I saw it on IGN today. Checked out the reviews on and, as of the time I'm writing this, I see 470 out of 565 reviews are giving the game 1 star! It seems most people can't play the game and are having server issues. For those that have the game, are these criticisms fair?
The servers are stable for me now... the reviews were fair as the first 20 hours or so it was a pain. Just like any online only game launch.
^ If it's just server issues then it sounds like something that will be fixed soon. I'll probably hold off a week or two on purchasing this so I can get a better picture of legit game feedback. The game looks awesome but I'm cautious.
A word of advice. Build largely but slowly. Start with roads that don't allow medium density and then build the city the way you want it with commerce and amenities. Then upgrade to medium density roads and then high once you have enough funding and education police etc..

Take it too fast and your city will crash and burn pretty badly.
yea, server stability is terrible. But the game is what you expect, fun and addicting when it works
I'll wait till I can buy it used (as in from someone else with a working cd key still) I refuse to give EA any money.

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