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The Dark Knight Some Batman Humor on youtube...


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Jul 27, 2007
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I thought that this could lighten up everyone's day.

Its a very funny vid [YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1mhr1Gb5sY[/YT]


This guy has a whole series about Batman, Spider-man, Superman, etc. It's hilarious!
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I'll move it if the mods are okay with it here.

I just thought since things have been so serious around due to recent events that some people could use some humor to lighten up there day.
Oh, this the guy who does "I'm a DC and I'm a Marvel." He's great; you guys gotta check out the rest of his videos, the're are awsome and suprisingly true.:woot:
I love watching his vids, they are way too funny. And so true about all the movies.
I've seen the videos before but they're so funny I love to watch them over and over anyway =)
I like the TDK 1989 vid. Very well edited.
Damn, that wasn't funny at all. :down
I've just watched every single DC/Marvel video, pretty hilarious!
I love what that guy makes with those action figures.

Completely original, and he's great at making them
Yeah that was one of his first ones.

Still every time that I see one of his vids I just crack up.
I know! They're great. I got other funnies though =)


Ah, I love Mark's Joker =)
Gotta say this version of Joker is pretty funny too =) I freakn' love this fan vid.

"We'll play Batman and Robin later dear!"

I love Mark Hamill's voice for Joker.
I love Mark Hamill's voice for Joker.

I know. When I found out this was the same kid who was Luke Skywalker (can you believe I just found out the other day?) my head about fell off.

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