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Some quick drawings I did for fun.


Jun 25, 2007
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I do art work but it not as good as most (if not all) of the fan art I seen. I usually draw Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Darkseid, Lois Lane, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Lashina. I is kind of cartoony and when I scanned them, I didn't know the lines would be so light. Everyone who has seen it says it's very good but I'm not sure you guys would like it. I hope you don't think it is crap.:csad:





valid question so i can assess your talent level...
It's true. I mean if you're like 12 then these are great.. if you're like 35 then not so great.
how old are you?
yes, it is a valid question and i have to admit i'm curious too...

i think you definitely have potential, but if you want some tips then i'd start with trying to learn the proportions of the human body and the face... there are loads of "how to draw comics" books that could help you get started. for example, heroic figures are typically seven heads high, when you're drawing faces you need to remember that the line of the eyes is actually about half way up the head etc etc. keep at it, and good luck!!

i don't know if this makes any sense, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
It's not crap :) I like Lady Shiva.

Keep drawing!
just keep practicing. you're doing ok so far. just keep at it and try to sketch or draw something as much as possible.

heck, i need to take that advice myself
I like the aliens the best. You definitely have a great imagination, keep drawing!
For 14 you are not bad. I say just keep drawing every chance you get. If you are going for comic book art then I recomend "How to Draw the Marvel Way" It is a great book and taught me a lot. If you just want to be a better artist the whole way around, then by an anatomy book and pay attention to the little details. Also use photos as a guild as to how to draw people. Just never give up. if you want to be an artist it will happen.

I should start drawing again myself, but have lost time to do so. By doing so I have become rusty, this is something you don't want to happen.
Who are your favorite artists, Shark? I think you've got some strong ideas about perspective and composition, which are some of the hardest things about drawing. Like everyone else, I reccomend picking up some tutorials on layouts and structure, and I also recommend practicing your anatomy. Definitely keep drawing though. If you stick with it, you'll start churning out some really outstanding stuff.
Jack Kibry, Bruce Timm, Jim Lee, Tim Sale, Alex Ross,Renato Guedes,
Michael Tunner, Ed McGuinness, and Willington Dias are my favorite artists. Which drawings do you like?

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