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Spider-Man 4 Plot Outline Draft 1 (spideyman101 version)


Jul 31, 2006
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Peter Parker/Spider-Man ... Milo Ventimiglia
Mary Jane Watson ... Julia Stiles
Curt Connors/Lizard ... Dylan Baker
Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven ... Josh Brolin
Gwen Stacy ... Bryce Dallas Howard
Aunt May ... Rosemary Harris
Captain Stacy ... James Cromwell
Calypso ... Naomi Harris
J Jonah Jameson ... J.K. Simmons
Betty Brant ... Elizabeth Banks
Robbie Robertson ... Bill Nunn
Mr. Ditkovich ... Elya Baskin
Ursula Ditkovich ... Mageina Tovah
Flint Marko ... Thomas Haden Church
Uncle Ben (flashback) ... Cliff Robertson
Harry Osborn (flashback) ... James Franco

Peter's life is doing somewhat better since his horror in Spider-Man 3. He has recently been given a job by Dr. Connors as his lab assistant. After class he is stopped by Gwen who converses with him. In the conversation Gwen expresses her love to Spider-Man. After which he heads over to Central Park to snap pictures of the Leukemia walk where he meets Flint Marko who informs him that his daughter has a week to live. Peter comforts him as he walks away. His last words to him are "... this walk can't fix that." (Sandman is not officially out of the film). At the Bugle he gives over the pictures to JJ who gives him a check. At the desk Betty pays him then asks about Spider-Man (it's apparent that she likes Spidey as well). At the Jazz Club MJ tells him that her acting career may start up again soon.

In a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn a small rickety apartment is the headquarters of witch lady Calypso who apparently sends out thugs to do her bidding. The most powerful of these thugs is Sergei Kravinoff (who she gives a special potion to). Kraven has finished his previous hunt and drops the man's head on the desk. Calypso then sends him after Spider-Man (who has been taking out thugs left and right). Kraven agrees then leaves.

At the apartment of Aunt May her and Peter talk about the future. Aunt May encourages Peter to keep on keeping on in him and MJ's relationship. Back at Peter's apartment Mr. Ditkovich comes before Peter to ask for rent, he can actually pay it. He tells Ditkovich that he has a new job that pays more. He tells him how he's a lab assistant. Mr. Ditkovich thinks he is being tested on instead of helping Connors test on something else. He then asks if they're hurting him. Peter says no, he's not a lab rat. Mr. Ditkovich clearly has never heard of this saying and walks back slowly while looking strangely at him. Before closing the door Ursula sneaks out. "Hey Pete." she says. She then tells him that her father is letting her have her own space a little bit more. And almost the next thing coming from her mouth is "want to go on a date sometime? or... an... outing?" Peter can't bare to say no so he accidentally says yes.

At a small Italian restaurant the two eat. Ursula mainly smiling at Peter. Peter feeling uncomfortable the whole time, looking across his shoulder to make sure MJ doesn't find out. The whole scene is quite comical as the Italian waiters constantly make mistakes in Italian ways. Peter accidentally makes a mistake causing the waiter to have to do extra work and this sets the waiter off yelling at him in Italian (he accidentally slops the spaghetti all over the table) The waiter leaves and both Peter and Ursula begin to mop up the spaghetti, they get close to each other while doing this and Ursula begins to kiss Peter passionately. Peter is shocked at this and pulls back and falls onto the ground and Ursula falls on top of him. The waiter, thinking that the two have just begun to make out in the restaurant yells out "sex-mad fools!" in Italian. Peter manages to get up and help Ursula up.

Back at the apartment Peter sees Ursula to the door. Ursula then says sorry to Peter for the whole thing. Peter is still half in shock. After Ursula goes in Peter goes to his room where he falls asleep.

The next morning we overview Manhattan. At the lab Peter helps Curt in his projects. Curt tells Peter about his experiment and how he plans to "regrow" his arm using modified lizard DNA. Later that day Peter and MJ are eating at the Jazz club (which is under the new management of Bruce Campbell). There are a few funny moments with Bruce Campbell and during the dinner Kraven bursts in (having seen Spider-Man land in an alley and change back to Peter Parker). Kraven takes Peter and throws him across the club. Everyone runs in horror as the battle takes place in the club. Peter escapes and Kraven follows. Kraven uses many throwing knifes, spears and daggers which Spidey quickly evades. Your adrenaline is pumping as the fight ensues with tribal music in the background. Finally Spider-Man grabs Kraven's neck wrenches it and causes him to fall into the sewers. Peter then escapes.

more to come...
Calypso ... Naomi Harris

From POTC?
Here's a few things I noticed.
-No Sandman please.
-Kraven the Hunter makes no sense.
-Gwen Stacy needs either no role or expanded.
-MJ needs the same thing as Gwen.
-Calypso doesn't really fit the story.

I like so far.

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