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Spinning Racks


Mar 27, 2012
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Remember back in the day, you could buy comics off of the spinning rack from your local 7-11, Gas Station, and Mini-Mart ? Remember when grocery stores and drug stores included a comic's section with their magazine section ? What happen to that ? Spinning Racks co-existed peacefully with comic shops, now spinning racks and comic book sections in stores have basically dissappeared. The only comics I see now are Archie digest in check-out lines .
That was the only place I used to buy comics when I was little.
Me too. I bought everything from Superman , Archie, to Static and Tmnt : Adventures from the spinning rack as a kid and teen, and would go to the comic shop on saturdays to get independent and more obscure titles.
That was the only place I bought my comics for decades....then they just disappeared...and you had to find a comic book STORE. That may be fine for the people in big cities....but I live in a small town....I have to go to another town to find a comic book store.
I bought several Spider-Man and Sonic comics off spinning racks at Ingles and Walmart, back in the day.
I remember getting those WHITMAN 3-packs off the spinning racks.
I still have BATMAN #308, 311, and 314.
I was hoping this thread would be about something different... XD

But in all seriousness wow. Nostalgia wave! I remember getting all my comics off of spinning racks :)
I wish I had one in my collection room..

I have to go to either the comic stores, or there is a music store that sells comics as well, to get comics. I'm just amazed that they stay in business, since whenever I go there, I am the only person there.

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