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Spy Games

What? No Bauer?

Is this De Palma Hunt, Woo Hunt, or Abrams Hunt? ...cuz that's important.
Bauer doesnt count as a spy.:o

As for the Hunts,pick one.
Woo Hunt pwnz everyones azz. No question.
Sydney, hawtness. But only in the TV show... otherwise, Jen Garn is nast. :confused:
Well supporting characters are all fair game to help them on the mission.:confused::up:
It's a tie:

James Bond from the novels.

Ethan Hunt from the tv show.
Woo Hunt Dammit! Nobody can touch Woo Hunt.
Ronny Shade said:
Woo Hunt Dammit! Nobody can touch Woo Hunt.

More like, nobody could touch Woo Hunt's hair*, until they finished the over the top, not possible in a film of the reciprocal opposite, where is his entire team, (*relaxer.)

But if you love live stop-motion theatrical action, :up:.
Woo movies are what movies should be.
Illya Kuryakin
Best spies:


I would say Hunt, but Bond is the top dog and always will be

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